Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yaaqub (The biblical Jacob)

The Master Teacher teaches that ancient Nuwbun Yacub (also known as Yahakobe, Yacob-Har, Yacob-El and Yakub) descended from the ancient Nuwbun tribe known as 'Dunaakial' who's leader the Moor Rabboni Fuquur gave his daughter named 'Radiyaah' to Laamsa the chief of the Teros, and Laamsa gave his daughter named 'Lusinas' to Fuquur who she bore no children with and left the caverns to the surface where she mated with Fuquur's disagreeable brother named Yiskhawk. Out of anger at being given away by her Teros father together Yiskhawk and Lusinas bore an unsightly child with the head the size of two men 'by no fault of his own' named Yaaquub.

Yaaquub wanted to get revenge on his people for the scorn and their mockery and was subliminally telekinetically coerced by disagreeable Pleiadeans who led him to create a race of people to rule over his own for 6000 years. Yaaquub died at age 150 and never saw the completion of his creation. Yaaquub created this new god by genetic splicing called grafting. They were called Gews or Jews. Yaaquub created a people who were genetically and mentally weak and he intended to eliminate them to prove and show that he is their god and always will be.

Yiskhawk (Fuquur’s brother) was put to death for marrying and breeding with the Teros Lusinas, which further angered Yaaquub.

It is this new genetically created people who were known as ‘devils’. These beings were born with dyslexia and wrote from left to right as opposed to the original right to left.

Yaaquub and his 59,999 followers were exiled from their land by King Kowresh and sailed completely the entire continent of Gnawa (Africa). Fearing the possibly of becoming apart of Yaaquub’s deadly genetic experiments Zerubbabel (also known as Sheshbazaar) and his people known as 'Shabazz' jumped ship in Cape Town and journeyed to a placed known as Oyo. The people of Oyo referred to them as ‘Yoruba’ and called Sheshbazaar ‘Obata’lah’. The 1st Pope.

Concisely extracted from The Holy Tablets
El Mustawathee’ya (The Scientist)

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