Sunday, July 29, 2012

Using satellite geography to redates the Egyptian timeline of the Giza Plateau.

Using satellite geography we can now accurately re-date the construction of the Giza Plateau; erected during the 4th dynasty of the Old Kingdom to occurring approximately 37,000 years ago. This is done by measuring the time it took for the Nile River to migrate away from the causeways of the Giza Plateau (Reference: The Pyramid Code documentary created by Carmen Boulter). A far cry from the 2613 BC. year date given to us by 19th century Egyptologists who penned their errant works by candlelight.  This also answers the puzzling question of how were the large cut stones were moved from the quarry to the construction site? Simply on a barge along the Nile of which at the time was at the base of the causeways of which are now miles away.

This revelation should draw into question others ancient dates as well ex: The Nubian Mirs which are taught today to be “younger” than the ancient beginnings of the Egyptian civilization even though ancient Nubia is closer to #LakeVictoria of which is the beginning point of the Nile river of which was/is the life blood for these civilizations.

Revered Egyptologist Wallis Budge wrote:
“There is no doubt”, he said of Egyptian religions in Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection (1911), “that the beliefs examined herein are of indigenous originNilotic or Sundani in the broadest signification of the word, and I have endeavoured to explain those which cannot be elucidated in any other way, by the evidence which is afforded by the Religions of the modern peoples who live on the great rivers of East, West, and Central Africa … Now, if we examine the Religions of modern African peoples, we find that the beliefs underlying them are almost identical with those Ancient Egyptian ones described above. As they are not derived from the Egyptians, it follows that they are the natural product of the religious mind of the natives of certain parts of Africa, which is the same in all periods.”  
Whereas his colleague Flinders Petrie wrote that the culture of Ancient Egypt was derived from an invading Caucasian “Dynastic Race” which had conquered Egypt in late prehistory and introduced the Pharaonic culture.

It was Petrie's thesis that was concerted, thus they had to ignore the obvious and rewrite time-lines to suit their innate, egotistical fantasy of "European" Egyptian glory.