Monday, November 14, 2022

You are literally out of your mind: SPOOKISM

HOLY TABLETS: CHAP:10:12:214-249

214 Nuwaubu informs you that
knowledge is knowing.
215 To know is knowledge.
216 Knowledge is mental power.
217 Knowledge is correct information.
218 Of course, knowledge can be
thought, spoken, or written.
219 Knowledge is the best information.
220 Wisdom is knowing how and when
to use knowledge.
221 Overstanding is receipt of
knowledge by the mind,
222 And is the unity of knowledge and
223 The greater one's mental power is,
the greater are the things he can do and
will do.
224 Your mental power is deeply
225 And this is the biggest block
between you and reality;
226 Between you and the facts which
keep you in a spell of religion and its
227 Nuwaubu is Right Knowledge,
wisdom and overstanding,
228 And this is what you need to
restore your powerful mind of right
229 By this day and time, most of your
brain power that is left, is being used to
support and maintain the alien power
structure and his belief and the pursuit
of his images and likenesses.
230 You are literally out of your mind.
231 That means not using your mind,
not loving your image nor your likeness,
232 But living in the likeness and
worshipping the image of the beast.
233 For example, most Nubian college
students graduate,
234 And professors use what they
know to keep the Tammahus in power
and domination over themselves and
their own kind, by simply looking for
and being content with a mere job in
their power structure.
235 And that helps to prolong the
barbaric system;
236 Instead of using what they know to
build something of their own,
237 By helping develop their
communities into profitable economic
238 Run by Nuwaubian people.
239 The same as students and graduates
of other races,
240 Do to a much greater degree than
241 Another part and phase of this
major power structure is the churches.
242 Preachers of the gospel, ghost spell
proclaim that they do not like white
243 At the same time Tammahu
supremacy is taught in Sunday school
and in the pulpit.
244 For instance, in most churches and
church books, they show the false Jesus
as being Tammahu,
245 The son of God, a Jew-the chosen
of God,
246 And then teach that God is the
Almighty and one supreme being.
247 Your children and adults go
248 And they see the Tammahus ruling
and he has everything.
249 So they are thoroughly convinced
that the only thing for them to do is
serve the chosen of god-that is white
supremacy in one of its rawest forms.

All blessings to the supreme Master Teacher of this the last days in time: Amun Nebu Roakh Ptah aka The Reformer

The errancy of so-called Judaism

There's absolutely NOTHING original about a Caucasian who "thinks" it's Jewish. Historically there's no such thing as a Jew or a Hebrew. The entire culture of Judaism was nothing more than an errant page ripped from the science of OUR great Ancestors, our Elders of ancient Tama-Re. Now all of a sudden this fake, pseudo-religion was "created" by the Caucasian / Euro-Asian? This is why the so-called #Bible, the #Quran, the #Talmud, and the #Hadiths are nothing more than TRASH 🗑️ to be used as 🧻🚽🪠.

Let's look at the etymology for further proof.

1. #Yehudi (Jew) is homograph (words that sound the same) for #Tehuti (Crescent Moon diety) and in the Semitic/Khemetic morphology of linguistics the "Y" and the "T" and the "D" are indistinguishable. These languages are not a one-for-one transliteration of English.

2. "#Aah" (Asar-Aah (#Osiris of the Moon): of which became #Allah ) and "#Yah" (YAHweh) are essentially the same word with the same meaning: the "Crescent Moon" 🌙.

3. The word #Hebrew meaning: "To cross" is the same as the word in the Semitic morphology as #Nibiru: "The planet of the crossing". of which is actually describing the planet #Jupiter that would cross the entire night sky. And let's add there's absolutely no written evidence of a so-called pilgrimage out of ancient Tama-Re via the Red sea other than your Torah that was initially preserved orally and thus wreaked with errors and falsehood. The oldest written copies of your Torah were extracted from 5th-century Catholic Codecs written in Koine Greek! There are NO ORIGINAL COPIES of a SO-CALLED TORAH IN EXISTENCE!

STOP WITH THIS GARBAGE, NONSENSICAL RELIGION! Worship your lineage who are your true Shepards. Worshipping God through the personification of the Crescent Moon is #SPOOKISM!

#KANYE & #KYRIE represent the unlearned and are merely SHEEP to the Caucasoid European MATRIX. And this is why our Elders who guide us with the "Rod and Staff" (the attire of a Pharaoh) allowed them to be admonished and judged as FOOLS!

In these the last days in time we have to take the RED PILL 💊 , come out of the matrix, and WAKE UP‼️ ✊🏿