Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Moon and the Akashic Records

The Neteru (Those who came down in sets of 50: The Fifty Names of Marduk: Enuma Elish), our Elders created and set the rotation of the moon to serve as a data packet header (similar to an electronic data packet used for transmission between computers) to travel to any point in time in the history of Earth as only one side and always the same side of the moon will ever show to the Earth. In this way we are able to spiritually communicate and see our ancient Elders and they as well can communicate and see us spiritually as we all have the same reference point header of which is the illuminated side of the moon that never changes. The illuminated side of the moon is the Zero Time Reference data packet header [ZTR], similar to a data packet that is simply the exact address of the file and in the case of the illuminated moon would be an exact time location/reference. The moon is also the recording pen of Akasha, an ethereal realm where the records of all events upon Earth will be used for the eventual judgement of Mankind are kept. 

When an electronic data packet is sent it's separated by bits (a combination of zero's and ones) into several sections.  The 1st section is called a Header of which is essentially the address of the file to store the data

The header of the data packets of Earth when the Akashic records are open will be the illuminated side of the Moon that remains constant regardless of time period. 

What are the Akashic records?

In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records (akasha or ākāśa, the Sanskrit word for "sky", "space", "luminous", or "aether") are a compendium of thoughts, events, and emotions to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane. 

"...The akashic record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of our planet. Those who perceive it will see pictured thereon: The life experiences of every human being since time began, the reactions to experience of the entire animal kingdom, the aggregation of the thought-forms of a karmic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time. Herein lies the great deception of the records. Only a trained occultist can distinguish between actual experience and those astral pictures created by imagination and keen desire." - Alice A. Bailey wrote in her book Light of the Soul on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

As per the ancient cultures of the Tamarean (Egyptian) and the Olmec the Akashic records are located beyond the belt of the Orion constellation as demonstrated in the designs of their Mirs (pyramids).

A fictional glimpse inside the Akashic record from the science fiction movie Interstellar.

The Neteru our Elders descended from the sky in sets of 50  from beyond the constellation Orion.

1. Etherians on Rizq began to levitate because they defeated the sequence of linear time and could see and experience multiple pasts, and multiple futures.
2. Eventually they transformed into pure light beings and drank readily from the water of eternal life which is LIVING intelligent plasma light energy aka tachyon energy.
3. This energy moves faster than the speed of light and became all the sustenance they needed among the clouds as they delegated the daily lives of Rizqiyans.
Holy Tablets

A fictional depiction of scientist Milo Rodricks entering the "Overmind", from the SyFy movie "Childhood's End": a supreme consciousness of LIVING intelligent plasma light energy existing everywhere without darkness aka "tachyon energy" that copulated and birthed our universe of which is the lesser light aka electromagnetic energy of which in absence is a void called darkness

Commander Benjamin Sisko: The time before time where shadow and darkness did not exist...