Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Prophetic night of December 18, 1925


On the evening of December 18, 1925, the citizens of Chicago (and the entire continent of Amexum) viewed a glorious event in the sky. The following is excerpted from the Chicago Daily Tribune from an article entitled “The Crescent and Star”. Author: Shelby Maxwell.

“The symbol of Islam hung low in the western sky last night at sunset. The moon and the planet Venus were as in conjunction, with Venus following the horns of the crescent. The figure of the crescent and the star is one of the most beautiful sights of the heavens and its rather rare. It was much admired ages before Mohammed adopted it as his symbol. This conjunction was a bright one, as Venus is now nearing the earth. From the astronomers viewpoint the event furnished an excellent chance to compare the brilliancy of the earth’s two nearest celestial neighbors. The moon is our satellite, while Venus is the earth’s twin world. The moon is a dead and frozen little globe, while Venus pulses with life like the earth.”

Using computer based simulation programs I am able to recreate precisely what the Moors of Chicago saw on this special night.

The above graphic shows where stars and planets where at along the western horizon of Chicago on December 18, 1925 at 11pm (planets not actual sizes). As you can see the planet Venus, and the moon are very close to each other and are moving westward along the lower southwestern horizon.

The above chart from a moon-based graphic program shows exactly what phase the moon was in on this night. As you can see the cusp of the moon was crescent-shaped.

This graphic created by me is my impression of what the moon and Venus looked like on the night of December 18, 1925 as they moved along the western horizon.

As per the newspaper article, the Moors of Chicago interpreted this celestial event as a sign from Allah that the religion of Islam would arise in the West with the arrival of the Asiatic Moor that would signify the beginnings of the great Asiatic Moorish Nation.

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