Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Supreme Light and the creation of our universe.

Although it appears so, the foundational underlying principle of time cannot be a linear construct because within the linear equation of time [A>B] there is “now” of which had no beginning nor has an end. Therefore time to be ‘created’ must be rooted in a quantum, multidimensional, physical paradigm merging with a superior, guiding ‘intelligent’ energy such as the ‘supreme light', the theoretical 'tachyon energy' which is everywhere existing 'without darkness' before the big bang; a climatic orgasm of unimaginative magnitude cause by the copulation of two (or possibly more) universe sized supreme light 'membranes'. This sexual, climatic ejaculation created this, our universe, the lesser light (reflective electromagnetic energy) and darkness (a void). 

Make no mistake, we all are products of this sexual energy and it is from supreme light from which we came and it will be supreme light to which we will return.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Palermo stone

1st Dynasty of ancient Tama-Re as written on the Palermo stone circa 2392-2283 BCE (but probably much older...)

Ptah, Ra, Shu, Geb, Osiris (Ausar), Set, Horus (Haru), Thoth (Djehuti - aka Yĕhuwdiy), Ma'at

Pray in earnest to your lineage....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lasers and advanced tech in ancient Tama-Re

The Dendera lights are Plasmatic lasers. They are simply showing you how the stones were cut as well as the lights used to build this most sacred tomb of which is enclosed totally in darkness when shut.  Early 19th century Egyptologists who wrote by candlelight had no idea what they were looking at.  You can see clearly the magnetic coil, the laser filament, the bulb and the electric cord. 

Bowl shaped object made from stone and cut with a laser. Literally impossible to recreate without advanced electronic plasma laser cutting tech.

Hydroplane type object made from stone and cut with a laser. Literally impossible to recreate without advanced electronic plasma laser cutting tech.

Hydroplane type object made from stone and cut with a laser.

Perfectly cut cylindrical holes.  Sonic basins at Abu Rawash. A completed Mir who's top exploded.

Sonic basins at Abu Rawash cut from granite.

The following video exhibits the types of scientific levitating processes using sound that took place at the Giza Plateau and at Abu Rowash to build these great Mirs. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Salaatu PTAH! (The Opener)

How to correctly honor and appease your great ancestors who live upon crest of eternity aka the Horizon!  ([Haru-zone])

  1. Rise just before dawn. 
  2. Facing East place hands at sides and bow two times.
  3. Look upward and raise opened hands to cup of both ears, then clasp them on your stomach.
  4. Sit on knees with open palms on thighs.
  5. Bow head to the ground while on knees.
  6. Sit up still on knees and slowly look over one shoulder and then the other while pointing one index finger outward with both hands resting on thighs.
  7. While still sitting on knees bow head again to the ground.
  8. Stand, place hands at sides and bow two more times. 
Your ancient Tamarean Elders are before words.. none need be spoken.

At night just before bed repeat again only bow four times instead of two when you start.  (Salaatu Ashtar)

The following examples of prayer are from the Abrahamic religions of which all were birthed by the sacred religious piety of the ancient Tamarean thousands of years prior.


Yemani Hebrew

Ashkenazim Hebrew

Prayer times.

I. Ptah [Dawn / Fatia] {bow 2x's}

II. Aten / Djehuti (Thoth) [Noon / Thuhr ] {bow 4x's}

III. Ausar (Osiris) [Afternoon / Asr] {bow 4'xs}

IV. Ma'at [Sunset / Maghrib] {bow 3x's}

V. Ashtar (Auset, Isis, Nut) [Night / Ishaa] {bow 4x's}

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Is President Barack Obama an evil Reptilian?

If you overstand the science of the Naga (a snake deity) then you innerstand that a Reptilian isn't necessarily deemed an "evil being" on general principle and as a Nuwaupian we don't see life in terms of "good and evil" but rather "agreeable and disagreeable" of which ALL life have a mixture of both. So, with that stated creating a superimposed image of Obama with a reptilian eyes and scaly skin (if true) doesn't necessarily denote "evil".


62 "...Those who came from Bhogabati, which is the first planet in Dvaraka of Procyon, after the planet Nirvana, came down to help humans, and they were called Naga also called Nagini or Nagas. They were a non-violent race of serpents, reptilians, who are benevolent toward humans. 

63 The ruler, king of the Naga serpents was called Takshaka who was beloved by Indra, and the queen was Manasa, the queen of serpents, who grants fertility to sterile mortal females.

64 The Naga ruler can be depended upon to assist in matters concerning peace, justice, fertility, and health spiritual enlightenment and wealth 

"...The Nagas, also called Nagini and Naga, were a non-violent race of serpents, Reptilians, who are benevolent toward Humans."

Friday, August 30, 2013

Did We Come From Mars?

Lo! when the place that you are living on, called Earth was young, it was visited by a race of beings who came from another solar system.
2 These beings are referred to as the "Elder Gods,"
3 Who with their advances in science and knowledge of DNA and RNA manipulation,
4 The original cloned after Adam were able to live for hundreds of years.
5 They discovered the secret of living death,
6 And how death is an illness in humans that can be cured if,
7 Or if not prolonged at their weakest point to not less than 120 years,
8 These elder beings were the Shuyukh or the Rizqiyians from a planet called Rizq in the nineteenth galaxy of lllyuwn. I am one such being sent to you.
9 We Rizqiyians before settling here lived in Arcturus Pleiades, Clarion in the Orion star constellation.
10 We constructed bases for laboratories on Mars, and the Moon,
11 For the cloning and breeding of Adama, Earthlings. We left some of our hybrids who made their residents within Shamballah.
12 They were called Dunaakial.
13 Many stayed, other branched off into tribes and moved nearer surface and set up their caverns.
14 And even others went surface and mixed with surface beings and became the Dongalawiy and the Danakiyl.
15 Early humans that existed on Earth that time, were considered them as "gods."

Life on Earth came from Mars, study suggests

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zodoq: Melchizedek



[Melchizedek = "my king is righteous" 'the order of Melchizedek' the order of the priesthood to which Christ belongs.]

1 Lo! Then El Eloh the supreme being, commanded all the souls of creation to look at my form,
2 And I incarnated Melchizedek, Malachi-Zodoq,
3 And then I incarnated in the form of Al Qubt,
4 Then I incarnated in the form of Yaanuwn.
5 I am from Rizq the eighth planet in the nineteenth galaxy Illyuwn,
6 Far outside of this one. 
7 I am sent here to give you the true guidance.
8 Out of your past that has become your future and has returned to warn you.
9 I came from the planet Rizq by way of Nibiru, you call it Jannat [Paradise].
10 Our solar system is within the 19th galaxy on this side of the first warp called the "black hole."
11 We have a tri-solar system of 19 planets and 38 moons.
12 Some planets have moons while others don't.
13 I come from the 8th planet of the nineteenth galaxy called lllyuwn.
14 The planet Rizq is a great planet that gives a great deal of energy originally having 2 moons, but now one.
15 From the planet Nibiru we can see three suns and one moon.
16 Yanaan, also spelled Yaanuwn and the beings of my planet live and look much like you humims or human beings of Earth.
17 We are called Rizqiyian or Anunnagi or just the Aluhum. I am one of the teachers of the 19th galaxy.
18 I try to raise your consciousness so that when the ship returns in the lunar logging of the Twelfth point, in August, in the year 2,003 of the Gregorian Calendar, when the gate or great vortex will re-open and this planet called Earth positions itself, in the location of revolution of the planets, and they all are in a line as in the lunar logging of the fifth point in May, in the year two thousand, of the Gregorian Calendar, you will be ready. 
19 You have psychic powers-you must use them.
20 I was bred for you. 
21 I come from a star fleet of people that are scientists and astrologers:
22 They are the ones who keep the Akasha, Akastic Records,
23 They keep the logs of everything that takes place in all the planets.
24 The planet that I come from each being lives to be 1000 years old. As "Etherians" or "Etheric Beings" in our perfected state we live trillions of years, a time system beyond your comprehension at this point.
25 When in our incarnated state we each live 120 years or less. Your atmosphere created by your sun, a dying star, causes us true Melanin-ites to age and die much more rapidly because it alters our chemistry and reduces our stay. So to stay there for 1,000 years, would be like staying here for a day. In our original state we live 1,000 Earth years.
26 We stay and then move on to another galaxy.
27 A whole star fleet came to Earth in ether form.
28 The beings on my planet are human beings very similar to Earth people,
29 Except the supreme beings, the elite or etheric etherians incarnated into a form.
30 Their height is 7 feet tall. The shape of their eyes are different,
31 They have large black pupils with the white of their eyes and they also have other glands and organs transplanted into them, the color of their skin is green as the greenest of olives.
32 Making them able to adjust to any planet's atmosphere, except those with dying stars.
33 They are called the Eloh's, and as a group they are referred to as Anunnagi. They have 9 ether.
34 When traveling we can incarnate to look like any beings or creatures we choose,
35 As long as we do some brain adjustments and organ adjustments.
36 Then become as llah Mutajassida or Eloh incarnated into flesh; llah.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


"Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. Wikipedia is increasingly used by people in the academic community, from freshman students to professors, as an easily accessible tertiary source for information about anything and everything. However, citation of Wikipedia in research papers may be considered unacceptable, because Wikipedia is not considered a credible or authoritative source." - Wikipedia


10. You must never fully rely on any one source for important information.
Everyone makes mistakes. All scholarly journals and newspapers contain “corrections” sections in which they acknowledge errors in their prior work. And even the most neutral writer is sometimes guilty of not being fully objective. Thus, you must take a skeptical approach to everything you read.

The focus of your search should be on finding accurate information and forming a full picture of an issue, rather than believing the first thing you read. This is particularly true on the Internet, where anyone can publish, cheaply and quickly. Always verify important information by confirming it with multiple sources.

9. You especially can’t rely on something when you don’t even know who wrote it.
Very few Wikipedia editors and contributors use their real name or provide any information about who they are. In order to properly evaluate information on the Internet, there are three questions you must always ask; the first two are “Who wrote this?” and “Why did they write it?” On sites with anonymous authors like Wikipedia, you can't find this information.

8. The contributor with an agenda often prevails.
In theory, the intellectual sparring at the heart of Wikipedia's group editing process results in a consensus that removes unreliable contributions and edits. But often the contributor who “wins” is not the one with the soundest information, but rather the one with the strongest agenda.

In March 2009, Irish student Shane Fitzgerald, who was conducting research on the Internet and globalization of information, posted a fake quotation on the Wikipedia article about recently deceased French composer Maurice Jarre. Due to the fact that the quote was not attributed to a reliable source, it was removed several times by editors, but Fitzgerald continued re-posting it until it was allowed to remain.

Fitzgerald was startled to learn that several major newspapers picked up the quote and published it in obituaries, confirming his suspicions of the questionable ways in which journalists use Web sites, and Wikipedia, as a reliable source. Fitzgerald e-mailed the newspapers letting them know that the quote was fabricated; he believes that otherwise, they might never have found out.

7. Individuals with agendas sometimes have significant editing authority.
Administrators on Wikipedia have the power to delete or disallow comments or articles they disagree with and support the viewpoints they approve. For example, beginning in 2003, U.K. scientist William Connolley became a Web site administrator and subsequently wrote or rewrote more than 5,000 Wikipedia articles supporting the concept of climate change and global warming. More importantly, he used his authority to ban more than 2,000 contributors with opposing viewpoints from making further contributions.

According to The Financial Post, when Connolley was through editing, “The Medieval Warm Period disappeared, as did criticism of the global warming orthodoxy.” Connolley has since been stripped of authority at Wikipedia, but one blogger believes he continues to post.

Furthermore, in 2007, a new program called WikiScanner uncovered individuals with a clear conflict of interest that had written or edited some Wikipedia entries. Employees from organizations such as the CIA, the Democratic National Party and Diebold were editing Wikipedia entries in their employers' favor.

6. Sometimes “vandals” create malicious entries that go uncorrected for months.
Due to the fact that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone with an Internet connection, users can falsify entries. Though in many instances reviewers quickly delete this “vandalism,” occasionally false information can remain on Wikipedia for extended periods of time.

For example, John Seigenthaler, a former assistant to Robert Kennedy, was falsely implicated in the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers on his Wikipedia biography for a period of more than 100 days without his knowledge.

5. There is little diversity among editors.
According to a 2009 survey by the Wikimedia Foundation, 87 percent of Wikipedia editors are male, with an average age of 26.8 years. According to executive director Sue Gardner, they hail mostly from Europe and North America, and many of them are in graduate school.

Although most of these editors are undoubtedly intelligent and passionate about enhancing the accuracy of Wikipedia, the site falls far short of its ideals of providing “the sum of all human knowledge” without the broad perspectives that a more diversified pool of editors would bring. A very important one Kevin Pendleton Johnson is that history can be ethnocentric which means that the information can be skewed based on ethnicity, politics, religious affiliation, or nationalism.

4. The number of active Wikipedia editors has flat-lined.
The number of active Wikipedia editors (those who make at least five edits a month) has stopped growing. It remains to be seen whether the current number of active editors can maintain and continue updating Wikipedia.

3. It has become harder for casual participants to contribute.
According to the Palo Alto Research Center, the contributions of casual and new contributors are being reversed at a much greater rate than several years ago. The result is that a steady group of high-level editors has more control over Wikipedia than ever.

A group of editors known as “deletionists” are said to “edit first and ask questions later,” making it harder for new contributors to participate, and making it harder for Wikipedia—which, again, aspires to provide “the sum of all human knowledge”—to overcome the issue that it is controlled by a stagnant pool of editors from a limited demographic.

2. Accurate contributors can be silenced.
Deletionists on Wikipedia often rely on the argument that a contribution comes from an “unreliable source,” with the editor deciding what is reliable. An incident last year showed the degree to which editors at the very top of Wikipedia were willing to rely on this crutch when it suits their purpose.

When the Taliban kidnapped New York Times reporter David Rohde in Afghanistan, the paper convinced 40 media organizations plus Wikipedia not to report on it out of concerns that it would compromise Rohde's safety. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales told the Times, once Rohde was free, that “We were really helped by the fact that it (postings on Rohde) hadn't appeared in a place we would regard as a reliable source.” Thus, Wales and other senior Wikipedia editors showed they were willing to rely on the “unreliable source” canard to delete information they had been told by a very reliable source was true, even when a more noble reason—Rohde’s safety—would have justified it.

And finally, the number one reason you can't cite or rely on Wikipedia:

1. It says so on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia says, “We do not expect you to trust us.” It adds that it is “not a primary source” and that “because some articles may contain errors,” you should “not use Wikipedia to make critical decisions.”

Furthermore, as Wikipedia notes in its “About” section, “Users should be aware that not all articles are of encyclopedic quality from the start: they may contain false or debatable information.”

Etymology of the word Moor.

Here's a DEFINITE root for the word MOOR (MWR) coming out of ancient Egypt. [MERA]
Source: E.A. Wallis Budge Hieroglyphic dictionary pg. 315

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Exercise your pineal gland.

Exercise your pineal gland. A LIGHT based organ that responds to frequencies of light.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Ashtar Command

Over 500 million years ago there existed upon Venus a highly advanced civilization known as the Ashtar command who now channel their energy through out bodies.

A crop circle created (using a dot matrix system) by the Ashtar command who are Venusians.

"Ashtar (sometimes called Ashtar Sheran) is the name given to an extraterrestrial being or group of beings which some number of people claim to have channeled.
The Ashtar movement is studied by academics as a prominent form of UFO religion."  Wikipedia

The Summerian's called Venus: "Lahamu".

The Etherians

"The Etherians are crystal light energy beings from Illyuwn and can take on the form of anything. The Etherians must maintain the solar system to prevent a star holocaust. They personify to whomever, and their assignment is the guardians of life, of which Anu, is a prominent member, sent forth." - Dr. York: Man From Planet Rizq

Zeta Reticulian

A Zeta Reticulian who migrated to Maldek before it was obliterated by Nibiru and is now known as the "asteroid belt", who consequently moved to Mars where Mankind of Earth was mutated with their seed by Ninti (Sumerian meaning "birth") from the ape.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Roman is the King of the Hebrews?

So… they have convinced the entire world to war-ship and worship their false deities “God” and “Jesus” in spite of all the TRUTHS the Nuwaubians, Nuwaupians and other conscious communities bought to the table DIRECTLY from the motherland.  What’s so weird about the modern day image of Yahushua (Jesus) is historically this would be considered the likeness of the peoples who killed the Hebrews in the millions (Romans). So how then can this drawing of a Roman in a robe now be revered as the “King of the Hebrews”? Its the ultimate mockery.

Islam, Judaism and ancient Tama-Re

An ancient Tamarean Pashedu praying to Ausar / Osiris. 
An ancient Tamarean praying to Ausar / Osiris. 
Trajan's kiosk, Philae Temple or the Kaba?

Mosque of Luxor

Why did Muslims build an Islamic mosque on top of an Egyptian temple?