Monday, September 23, 2013

Lasers and advanced tech in ancient Tama-Re

The Dendera lights are Plasmatic lasers. They are simply showing you how the stones were cut as well as the lights used to build this most sacred tomb of which is enclosed totally in darkness when shut.  Early 19th century Egyptologists who wrote by candlelight had no idea what they were looking at.  You can see clearly the magnetic coil, the laser filament, the bulb and the electric cord. 

Bowl shaped object made from stone and cut with a laser. Literally impossible to recreate without advanced electronic plasma laser cutting tech.

Hydroplane type object made from stone and cut with a laser. Literally impossible to recreate without advanced electronic plasma laser cutting tech.

Hydroplane type object made from stone and cut with a laser.

Perfectly cut cylindrical holes.  Sonic basins at Abu Rawash. A completed Mir who's top exploded.

Sonic basins at Abu Rawash cut from granite.

The following video exhibits the types of scientific levitating processes using sound that took place at the Giza Plateau and at Abu Rowash to build these great Mirs. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Salaatu PTAH! (The Opener)

How to correctly honor and appease your great ancestors who live upon crest of eternity aka the Horizon!  ([Haru-zone])

  1. Rise just before dawn. 
  2. Facing East place hands at sides and bow two times.
  3. Look upward and raise opened hands to cup of both ears, then clasp them on your stomach.
  4. Sit on knees with open palms on thighs.
  5. Bow head to the ground while on knees.
  6. Sit up still on knees and slowly look over one shoulder and then the other while pointing one index finger outward with both hands resting on thighs.
  7. While still sitting on knees bow head again to the ground.
  8. Stand, place hands at sides and bow two more times. 
Your ancient Tamarean Elders are before words.. none need be spoken.

At night just before bed repeat again only bow four times instead of two when you start.  (Salaatu Ashtar)

The following examples of prayer are from the Abrahamic religions of which all were birthed by the sacred religious piety of the ancient Tamarean thousands of years prior.


Yemani Hebrew

Ashkenazim Hebrew

Prayer times.

I. Ptah [Dawn / Fatia] {bow 2x's}

II. Aten / Djehuti (Thoth) [Noon / Thuhr ] {bow 4x's}

III. Ausar (Osiris) [Afternoon / Asr] {bow 4'xs}

IV. Ma'at [Sunset / Maghrib] {bow 3x's}

V. Ashtar (Auset, Isis, Nut) [Night / Ishaa] {bow 4x's}

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Is President Barack Obama an evil Reptilian?

If you overstand the science of the Naga (a snake deity) then you innerstand that a Reptilian isn't necessarily deemed an "evil being" on general principle and as a Nuwaupian we don't see life in terms of "good and evil" but rather "agreeable and disagreeable" of which ALL life have a mixture of both. So, with that stated creating a superimposed image of Obama with a reptilian eyes and scaly skin (if true) doesn't necessarily denote "evil".


62 "...Those who came from Bhogabati, which is the first planet in Dvaraka of Procyon, after the planet Nirvana, came down to help humans, and they were called Naga also called Nagini or Nagas. They were a non-violent race of serpents, reptilians, who are benevolent toward humans. 

63 The ruler, king of the Naga serpents was called Takshaka who was beloved by Indra, and the queen was Manasa, the queen of serpents, who grants fertility to sterile mortal females.

64 The Naga ruler can be depended upon to assist in matters concerning peace, justice, fertility, and health spiritual enlightenment and wealth 

"...The Nagas, also called Nagini and Naga, were a non-violent race of serpents, Reptilians, who are benevolent toward Humans."