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How did Nuwbuns (Olmecs) get to America?

How did Nuwbuns (Olmecs) get to America?

Excerpted from “El Katub Shil El Mawut”
(The Book of the Dead) Coming Forth By Day.

Transcribed by Dr. Malachi Z. York H.T.M.

The Nuwbuns walked or traveled westward. They came over to America. They called it in their Cushite language “Atla” or “Utla” which means “To Go Somewhere for Vacation”. “Atla” pluralized became “Atlaan”. When the Nuwbuns, who became known as Olmecs recognized it had broke and split into two parts, North America (Atlan) and South America (Amexam or Hexian). So from Atla, in their language we got Atlaan, and Greeks added the “Tis” and you get “Atlantis”. These Nuwbuns set up great empires when they came here.

…Tar, which is called Egypt, was a part of one landmass before the continental drift, which produced separate continents. There was no division between America and Africa, and Arabia or Asia, and there was no read sea, and there is no such thing as the Middle East. All of that was one landmass, called Ganun el Nuwba. Later after the continental drift, this side became Atlan, from A’tla, Lower part became Amexem from Hexian or Afmuurican, even Muu from Ancient Tarite for “Water”, and of the people there, where what the Latin-speaking historians recorded as Moors. Then you have Mongolian’s land which begins after the Persian Gulf, (Tigris Euphrates), which was where our land ended. Our land extended from the shores of California, all the way throughout south America, the Caribbean islands to Chili, and all the islands in the South Atlantic ocean, and extends all the way to New Mexico and as far as the Tigris Euphrates, which means from the Pacific through the Atlantic on over. We Muurs were the original Olmecs. The true inhabitants of that land were the original Nuwaubians who became many tribes and many names and tongues. All of the people there were what the Latin-speaking historians recorded as Morenos (Moors) in French it is Muur. Yes you are “Moors” because of the historical records worldwide, where you find the Latin word Moreno, which means “black”, but in the sense of the supreme balancement, not to be mistaken with “Negra”, which is strictly the color black not the state of God before creating the light (Genesis 1:2-3) the Romans used Negra as far back as the new testament in Acts 13:1, where Simon, one of Jesus’ disciples is being called Niger, Nigger. When you look into the Greek you get “Neeger” and they give this meaning of the world “black”, as used for the color in today’s dialects derived from the ancient Romans as Latin and Greek. Being all of His-Story is recorded in these languages and not in the Arabic or Hebrew, then whenever they made reference to our rights, what we owned, and what we did as the civilizers of all of the Europe, on al of the European coast of Arms, you will find us as a race, not being called Negro or African or Colored or Nubians, Egyptians or Afro-American bur rather Moor.

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