Friday, July 31, 2020

A discussion with Nuwaubian Hotep: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.


1. Backstabbing Catholic born White Jesus serving Coongo Caribbeans

2. The three different types of Nuwaubians.

3. Facebook manipulation of who gets friend requests and what appears on your timeline.

4. The errancy of total reliance upon 3eye vision/logic and assumption. 

A build with my long time internet buddy Gary Wilson aka El Hura

Monday, July 20, 2020

DNA evidence that Europeans began 6,500 years ago

Since these so-called Ashkhenazi Jews wanna claim they are the so-called "Original Hebrews" of their beloved Torah then let's also address their racial classification of "Caucasian" and the fact that the Caucasian race had absolutely no historical civilization past 6500 years of which completely eliminates them from ANY ancient culture including that which include the so-called 1st man Adam or anything that occurred in Ancient Egypt especially since now we know using satellite geography we can measure the age of the Giza plateau of the Middle Kingdom by the movement of the Nile river away from the causeways to over 37,000 years ago. (Reference #ThePyramidCode documentary by Carmen Boulter) #VerifiedFacts #NationalGeographic