Tuesday, May 13, 2014

UFO sighted in Ukraine May 11, 2014

A cylindrical, cigar shaped UFO was filmed in the Ukraine near the recently discovered 65 million year old Mirs in Bosnia. As taught in the Holy Tablets [CHAP:1:TAB:4:10-22, Figure 5] and The Man From Planet Rizq [Pg. 103] these types of craft are being used by Riqzqians to transport gold needed to sustain the atmosphere on Rizq.

Cigar shaped UFO as depicted in the Holy Tablets and Man from Planet Rizq

Holy Tablets online

Man from Planet Rizq online

Friday, May 9, 2014

Expansion Of Neanderthal Caucasoid According To Western Influence


Expansion Of Neanderthal Caucasoid According To Western Influence

27 The so called main races of man are not considered races scientifically, but species.
28 According to the Western Caucasoid theology, they, the Caucasoids evolved from the Neanderthal.
29 And according to their Western Caucasoid theology, they originally resided in Europe and Asia,
30 Then expanded to Africa up to where some of them reside now which is in North America.
31 There are five races or scientifically known species. Negroid, the brown race, Caucasoids, the pale race; Mongoloids, the oriental race,
32 Australoids, the Archaic pale race; Congoids who started on the same level as the Eurasiatic ones in the early middle Pleistocene.
33 They stood still for half a million years after which the Pygmies and Capoids who they say just appeared in existence from nowhere.
34 The Caucasoids claim they are the first civilized race to walk the Earth.
35 Caucasoids and Australoids are the same; the only difference between the 2 is the Caucasoids are considered the albino and the Australoids are
ancient pale race, also the albino.
36 When they say that different races originated out of one another,
37 And they evolve out of the ape man, this is their way of justifying their origin.
38 Albinism in some of The Caucasoids came out of a disease or sickness called leproma or leprosy. Kena'ans "Canaan's" offsprings lived in caves and committed beastiality.
39 They mixed their seeds with dogs. In time, they descended to the level of animals, eating raw carcasses, walking on all fours and mingling freely with the animals, mainly dog like animals.
40 In the prehistoric days, there were no selected locations for a species to live.
41 They moved to adapt to their environment, the weather and their food supply.