Monday, January 20, 2014

The Hexagon upon Anu

HOLYTABS CHAP:6:TAB:4:34 "The hexagon and thus the 6 pointed star are symbolic of ANU'S protection: I seek refuge in ANU from the cursed, Shaytun."

Ur III Sumerian cuneiform for An

The true etymology of "Abracadabra"


153 Caucasia, a part of Russia, has an area of 170,000 thousand square miles. 
154 The Greeks named it Caucasia, which is the home of the Flugelrods, as they are called in El Manee or what is called Germany today, and their original name is Halaabeans, or Hulub, which is to distinguish themselves from the descendants of Libana, Canaan, the Caucasians.
155 Carcass-Asian, Caucasian, deteriorating Asiatics.
156 Elbrus or home of those Abras beings, Lepers of the mountains, are also called the sons of Canaan,
157 Thus the term Abracadabra, a mystical word has used in incantations or as a charm to ward off disease,
158 Originally said Abras Cadaver used to mean the "bodies of lepers."
159 These sons of Canaan are those of which the tribe Amorite, meaning "mountain dwellers, "comes from.

Mount Elbrus