Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It Is No Coincidence

"It Is No Coincidence"


Excerpted from the El Katub Shil E Mawut

  The Book Of The Dead -  Coming Forth by Day  

Inscribed by Dr. Malachi Z. York H.T. M.


It is no coincidence that you can take the so-called religious practices of today and find exactly where it was copied from Ancient Egipt.  In the Islaamic religion, the Muslims have what's referred to as the Al Harjarul Aswad or the Blackstone which sits in Ar Ruknul Aswad, the east corner of the cube shape building 40X40, which they refer to as the Kaaba, and they make a hajj or pilgrimage to this site to encircle it seven times in an ancient Egyptian ritual established by the Pharaoh Amenophis who erected a large cubed shape granite stone in Karnak to the great Egyptian deity Amun, who became Amun-Ra, The Sun Deity.

The priest of Amun would shave off all their hair, bald their heads, wear a one-piece seamless white robe and encircle that cube structure seven times each day.  It is no coincidence that the Arabic word for pyramid is ahrum, and the white seamless robe worn by the pilgrims in Mecca is called ihram, both from the same root harum or sacred place, which is also the same word they use haaram for unlawful. 

The Kaaba of the Islaamic world was built originally to the deity El Uzza (El's Holy Quraan 23:19), who is the Egyptian equivalent of Isis or (Aset).  Their cornerstone they claim is a meteorite that fell to earth white as snow, and by the kisses of evil man their sins entered into it and it became blackened (Al Timidho Hadith 2577).  This is one of the ridiculous beliefs concerning this master builders artifacts.  They are uncertain as to whether it existed before Kadmon (Adam), and that Abram (Abraham) built on its foundation or exactly who, yet millions of believing Muslims each year go there to worship a door and pray to this cube shaped building sitting in the corner of the city now called Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Thus it is of no coincidence when I tell you that in the Judaic religion they stole things from the Egyptian culture.  The Ten Commandments of the Leviticus 20: 1-19 of the Bible were taken directly out of the Book of the Dead, from the "Declaration of innocence before the Neteru of the Tribunal" such as, "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13) is the exact same thing as "I have not slain people".  Only in the Bible do they take the declaration and turned them into commandments from a so-called all-powerful God who has created laws.  Why does your God have to send the commandments "thou shalt not steal" (Exodus 20:15), which by the way was taken from verse 3 of the "Declaration of innocence before the maternal of the tribunal" where it states and I quote "O swallower of shades who came forth from Kernet, I have not slain people".  So read "The book of the Dead" with the intent of overstanding its message.


Natasha XOXO said...

that is deep..thanx for posting that..i completely agree

Natasha XOXO said...

thanx for posting that...very deep

Nuwaubian Hotep said...

You're welcome. We have to uncover the real truths as opposed to what they choose to teach us.