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The personification of Yah from the crescent moon.

The Holy Tablets Chapter 10 Tablet 12:344: "But the cycle for the bible was the moon cycle and that cycle is ending."

History teaches us that the Canaanite/Egyptian deity Yah was once personified through the crescent moon, worshiped in humanoid form as referenced in your Torah and Egyptian Metu Neter (hieroglyphics).

By analyzing the etymological roots of the Hebrew language we then discover the very word Yahh יה (the personal name of the Semitic deity Yehovah by modern definitive) is closely associated with the crescent moon and was later joined in form with "Weh". Yah, of course, being the 1st half of the term Yah-Weh (Yehovah YHWH יהוה - the unpronounceable name).

Here are some other examples of "Yah" used in the compound form and associated with the moon:

  • Y@riychow ירחו (Jericho) = City of the Moon, (H3405)
  • Yareach ירח = Crescent Moon. (H3394)

Jericho: City of the Moon

E.A. Wallis Budge the worlds most renowned Egyptologist defined the Egyptian glyph "Aah" (Yah) as a moon deity in his Egyptian hieroglyphic dictionary and equated it directly to the Hebraic word Yareach ירח

The oldest Egyptian deity Osiris (Asar) is personified with the moon as Asar-Aah who the Phoenician/Semitic Hyksos (eventually to be known as the Hebrew - meaning "to cross") revered as YHWH after their expulsion (biblical Exodus) from Egypt by the Nubian 18th dynasty after ruling it for over 100 years.

Asar-Aah (Osiris the [Crescent] Moon) - who eventually was worshiped as YHWH

A collection of ancient artifacts from the many temples of the Yarikh moon deity worship in Tel Hazor located in the mountains of modern-day Israel.

Scholastic references...

"Early in Canaanite religion, the male moon-god, "Yerach," was the chief god of the pantheon. And the female sun-god, "Shamash," was his cohort. Later, these were changed to Baal and Ashteroth. "To judge from Canaanite place-names of the earliest period, such as Jericho and Beit-Yerach, as well as from Non-Semitic personal and place names of the 2nd millennium BC, the cult of the sun-god and moon-god (or goddess) was at its height in very early times and steadily declined thereafter" (W.F. Albright, Archaeology and the Religion of Israel, p. 92, also p. 83)."
"Röth (Die Aegypt. und die Zoroastr. Glaubenslehre, 1846, p. 175) derives the Hebrew name [Yahweh] from the ancient moon-god Ih or Ioh."

Even today Yarick is a common Jewish last name.

For those of you who think you don't acknowledge a moon deity then why do you go to work on MOON - Day?"


Mark Vinson said...

Strange mystical coded relationship in Simple English Gematria and Numerological Gematria alphabet systems...
Asar = "39"(simple)
Yeah = "39"(simple)"variant of Yah"
Yehovah = "39" (numerological)
Yah Is He = "39"(numerological)
Moses said that God told him he would be God to Pharaoh, and then he acted like God in the desert, as if he was a "lunatic"(Lunar)and his name in "ordinal value" in Hebrew adds up to "39",משה

"Jesus replied to them,"Is it not written in your law,'I said you are gods'"? (John 10:34) It says in the last days knowledge will increase, Hmmm,Let the Light (H3394-Yarakh-Jerecho-Moon God)Shine. See YouTube Is it not fair to say God is waiting for man to find out the truth? The Spirit told me once "Let Truth be your guide". Strange how the N.T. and John of revelation tells us to hold on to the testimony of Jesus and the Perfect Law of God the 10 Commandments, and how the Book of Moses was nailed to the cross, and Jerusalem (Temple) was extremely destroyed. History proves itself ? This is an exciting time we live in, they were so in the dark in the past.
The Stolen Gods of the Hebrews/Israelites,Yah and Yareach.
MCV 09/02/2012 Septimi Angeli

paul cresswell said...

Yah is from the Hebrew letters Yodh + Hey which in terms of its gematria value (10 + 5) equals '15'. This corresponds to the 15th day of each lunar month i.e. Full Moon or as it was originally known, 'Shabbat Moon". This includes the five major festivals in Judaism. Mention of the number fifteen is deliberately avoided by Jews even today because of its associationn with the Holy name Yah and its obvious connection to the Full Moon; Just as they also avoid pronouncing the Holy syalables called the tetragramaton by saying Ha-shem meaning 'the Name' instead. Interestingly, the hieros gamos is also celebrated during the Shabbat moon when the planet Venus as evening star appears low on the western horizon... but only every eight years. Shemoneh is Hebrew for the number eight.

Mark Vinson said...

Hello again, I just wanted to add that there are two different histories for the god Shamash, one in Mesopotamia, where "Utu" later worshiped by East Semitic peoples as Shamash was "male", was bearded, and gave the Law to King Hammurabi.
In Canaan, Shamash was "female" the daughter of El and Ashera, see "Shamash- New World Encyclopedia". Also, I posted the post above from 2012 and just wanted to say read your Bibles, and no I don't think Moses is a lunatic, just a little eccentric, I wish I would't of said everything I did in the above comment. In 1st Corinthians it states in Bagster's Latin Vulgate, that God uses foolishness to confound the wise, also, there is the verse,
O' the depth of the riches, both of the wisdom and knowledge of God, how unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out". God had to give humanity the Law, as it states in the New Testament, and at a later time mercy through Jesus Christ. My pen name, Septimi Angeli. Have A Great Day! Mark Vinson

Unknown said...

Yah El Sabbah Oath, 7th day... the Oath also recalls the Cherubim on the Arc of Covenant ... hrw "ben"

Pistis Sophia and the Nag Hamadi

More I say not