Tuesday, September 9, 2008



The following images are photo's of paintings from the tomb of Senmut (famous architect and astronomer, who was close confidant of A'aferti (Pharaoh) Hatschepsut.), and as of late have come into the eyes of the elite Nibiruan community. It is quite possible that these drawings are an astrological map of Nibiru's elliptical orbit around the sun. I have studied these maps in detail and here's my take on it.

Picture #1

If you observe the map carefully you'll see several lines flowing through the map as if it depicts an orbit around a particular egg-shaped form. Could this egg-shaped form be Nibiru? Also, the three stars from Orion's belt are drawn next to and inside this egg shaped form. Nibiru is said to be coming from Orion's belt. These lines connect stars within the map, possibly points in the universe that Nibiru has or will visit?

Picture #2

This is the bottom half of the 1st drawing. Could the circles with spokes represent each time Nibiru has visited? Could the red spheres above the heads of the Deities represent Nibiru's presence in our solar system? Also, notice the red spheres are different in size, could this represent different elliptical orbits of Nibiru which would make is appear in varying sizes when viewing from Gi (Earth)?


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