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Proof ancient Nubians/Tamareans knew the Earth was round.

The following are images of an ancient ostrich egg that was carved into a region of ancient Nubia including the Giza Mirs  carbon dated to circa 4,400 BCE or about 6,500 years old.  This would also re-date the Giza Mirs to an earlier time than previously taught by early 19th century Egyptologists as I have already proven via satellite geography showing the migration of the Nile from the causeway of the Mirs..

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What is the purpose of the cylindrical, cigar shaped UFO?

Vid caps of Cylinder shaped UFO's seen on Mars and a volcano in Mexico

What is the purpose of the cylindrical, cigar-shaped UFO?
Ans: They are known as SHAMS. And their purpose is to transport gold from Earth back to Nibiru then from their Nibiru takes that gold to Rizq to replenish its depleting atmosphere.

1st let's analyze the evidence.

Cylinder shaped UFO craft filmed entering  the mouth of an active volcano again in October 2012. 

Cylinder shaped UFO filmed April 28, 2014 by Martin Rover 

Video of large cylindrical UFO craft.

Now lets go to The Holy Tablets 

Tablet Four: The War In The Skies (19x3 = 57)

Lo! The first conflict was in the skies of Illyuwn, the nineteenth galaxy, also called The Great Galaxy, known as the place "On High," where the etheric records called "AKASHA" are kept.
2 The first conflict was when Tarnush, also known as Humbaba, son of Taaghuwt and Sin tried to take over ILLYUWN. Balus wanted to rule all the stars and the ANUNNAGI of the skies.
3 Tarnush was second in command under MURDUK, son of Enqi and Damkina. Tarnush felt that MURDUK was not qualified for leading the fleets of his grandfather, ANU.
4 During this time, the planet Titan, which is considered a moon of the planet Saturn, was a home base of Humbaba who was called Krunus, and Saturn, husband of Ops, companion of the fire goddess, Lua, father of Picus.
5 His reigning period was called Saturnalia, and to .this day, it's celebrated between December 17th and December 25th. Those under Krunus were claiming ANSHAR -- "foremost of heavens,".which is today called Saturn; which was the astrological sign of ANSHAR, father of ANU-as their home base.
6 The Ringed Planet named Saturn rotates very quickly; it takes 10 hours and 40 minutes for it to turn once on its axis. Saturn bulges even more at its equator than Jupiter. Saturn has a very deep atmosphere, which is made up mainly of Hydrogen and Helium, with some Methane and Ammonia. At the top of its atmosphere, the temperature is about -300º Fahrenheit. This low temperature causes Ammonia in the outer atmosphere to freeze, forming high-altitude haze.
7 More and more space probes from NASA are being sent into space, due to the curiosity of Mankind. They are trying to re-discover what took place long ago in the heavens.
8 Space probes to Saturn are being sent to various planets and moons such as the Cassini that was sent in 1997 A.D. filled with 72 pounds of highly radioactive plutonium. The probe being named after Giovanni Domenico Cassini, an Italian-born French astronomer.
9 The planet Titan was the home base of the disagreeable Anunnagi, which were divided into 12 continents, the Greeks named them, 1. Oceanus, 2. Creus, 3. Coeus, 4. Iapetus, S. Cronus, 6. Hyperion, 7. Rhea, 8. Mnemosyne, 9.Theia, 10. Themis, 11. Tethys, 12.Phoebe. The disagreeable Anunnagi made Titan an alternative, when they were cast out, and the capital was Phoebe, from whence you get the word phobia, a irrational fear of a specific thing or situation, to avoid, or a dislike, or aversion. The space satellite Phobos, of Mars was also named after the 12th continent Phoebe of Titan. This is the mystical 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 tribes of Ishmael, the 12 signs of the zodiac under their Olympian deities, Zeus as Jesus, born in the 12th month of the Gregorian calendar with 12 disciples, who becomes Ja-zeus, and Ya-shua to Ya-hova. However, Some of these disagreeable Anunnagi took residence on one of the 3 continents of the planet RIZQ, the continent called ZARANTU. They were restricted from visiting the other 2 continents, DARNURIYYA and KUSMUSTA without a Rizqiyian escort. There was immigration laws set up. However, RIZQIYIANS can visit all 3 continents unescorted. Zarantu was under the command of Tarnush, who wanted total control of RIZQ. However, Murduk was chosen by ANU to lead the fleets, and this caused a disagreement between MURDUK and Tarnush. ANU'S decision for MURDUK to lead ANU'S fleets, caused that disagreement between Murduk and Tarnush, which caused a small war and a clash on the planet RIZQ, which comes from the word Razaqa, meaning "to provide."
10 Tarnush, also known as Humbaba attacked the planet RIZQ with a shield depleter, Aer-o-sol, A gaseous suspension of fine solid or liquid particles. This substance, can today be found in such produce as paint, detergent, or an insecticide, packaged under pressure with a gaseous propellant for release as a spray of fine particles. Today the children of the Luciferians are using the same tactics here on earth to deplete the ozone, or shield of this planet. The aerosol bomb of Tarnush comes from the root word Aero-or aer· simply "Air; atmosphere": aeroballistics and a Gas: aerosol. From the Greek word, for aer, meaning "air" and the word Sol, meaning "sun". So, you get air "O" for Omega "ending", and Sol, "sun". Just like the destruction of the atmosphere and of the suns of Rizq, this same epidemic is also being done here on earth. This aerosol bomb of Tarnush caused the natural atmosphere of RIZQ to deplete.
11 The RIZQIYIANS had no protection from the damaging rays of the three Suns.
12 The atmosphere was dwindling away and many RIZQIYIANS departed to other galaxies.
13 The rays from the three suns UTU, SHAMASH, and AFSU had put a hole in our Ozone Layer, as you have now a hole in your ozone layer over Australia expanding daily.
14 RIZQ, the 8th planet, was the heart and source of that Tri-Solar System, and thus, was the most affected, As earth is the heart of this Solar System.
15 All 3 suns have a magnetic pull that causes a tighter, and heavier rotation of its planets.
16 The energy field on RIZQ was starting to increase and the hole was starting to lose its color.
17 So the RIZQIYIANS needed to build a protection, a dome of gold dust to protect the planet from the damaging ultraviolet rays. Gold reflects the sun's rays. Pure gold can easily be beaten or hammered to a thickness of 0.000005 inches and 1.02 ounces or simply, thinner than paper and can be stretched for more than 60 miles long. It can be made thinner than any metal. This is one of the reasons why gold is a very precious metal and is greatly valued by hurnims today.
18 It is one of the' softest metals, and it is a good conductor of electricity and heat, and it can be easily vaporized better than any metal. Gold is also capable of reflecting intense heat and holds up under any condition. Having this and knowledge about pure gold, other metals, and minerals, the RIZQIYIANS knew exactly what they were coming for. Gold having existed since the creation of the planet Earth as you know it, can be found deep in the Earth's crust,' volcanic ash as well as in the vast oceans of this planet. ANU and the other Aluhum knew that the gold of this Earth was good long before the birth of man.
19 The RIZQIYIANS had to abort RIZQ and go to KESUL/Orion, which is a six star, six major sun constellation, thus having hundreds of galaxies. The RIZQIYIANS took residence in the planets and star constellations of MAZZOROTH, 'AYISHI/Arcturus, and KAMUH/Pleiades, making them also temporary homes. Exploration was necessary. Thus, the grafting of explorers became a necessity.
20 This need gave birth to RUMARDIANS. Later to become known as Greys. These extraterrestrial biological entities, E.B.E's, were grafted from various extraterrestrial species. They were emotionless and without reproductive capabilities.
21 They served but one purpose, and that is as explorers and worthy servants. Their explorations took them to LAHMU, called Mars, and SHESHQI, called the Moon, where plans for the construction of cylinder crafts, called SHAMS were built. This took place after the collision with the crafts of the Ninga fleet, also known as the four winds.
22 They transported gold dust to the moon, then to NIBIRU, and from there on to the planet RIZQ. When this job was completed, these beings were given their freedom.
From The Holy Tablets

From the Holy Tablets

The International Space Station live public feed captures a massive UFO Fleet dropping out of a wormhole March, 10, 2014 

Interstellar object may have been alien probe, Harvard paper argues, but experts are skeptical

Our sacred prophetic Holy Tablets matched against real-life supernatural events! 

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UFO sighted in Ukraine May 11, 2014

A cylindrical, cigar shaped UFO was filmed in the Ukraine near the recently discovered 65 million year old Mirs in Bosnia. As taught in the Holy Tablets [CHAP:1:TAB:4:10-22, Figure 5] and The Man From Planet Rizq [Pg. 103] these types of craft are being used by Riqzqians to transport gold needed to sustain the atmosphere on Rizq.

Cigar shaped UFO as depicted in the Holy Tablets and Man from Planet Rizq

Holy Tablets online

Man from Planet Rizq online

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Expansion Of Neanderthal Caucasoid According To Western Influence


Expansion Of Neanderthal Caucasoid According To Western Influence

27 The so called main races of man are not considered races scientifically, but species.
28 According to the Western Caucasoid theology, they, the Caucasoids evolved from the Neanderthal.
29 And according to their Western Caucasoid theology, they originally resided in Europe and Asia,
30 Then expanded to Africa up to where some of them reside now which is in North America.
31 There are five races or scientifically known species. Negroid, the brown race, Caucasoids, the pale race; Mongoloids, the oriental race,
32 Australoids, the Archaic pale race; Congoids who started on the same level as the Eurasiatic ones in the early middle Pleistocene.
33 They stood still for half a million years after which the Pygmies and Capoids who they say just appeared in existence from nowhere.
34 The Caucasoids claim they are the first civilized race to walk the Earth.
35 Caucasoids and Australoids are the same; the only difference between the 2 is the Caucasoids are considered the albino and the Australoids are
ancient pale race, also the albino.
36 When they say that different races originated out of one another,
37 And they evolve out of the ape man, this is their way of justifying their origin.
38 Albinism in some of The Caucasoids came out of a disease or sickness called leproma or leprosy. Kena'ans "Canaan's" offsprings lived in caves and committed beastiality.
39 They mixed their seeds with dogs. In time, they descended to the level of animals, eating raw carcasses, walking on all fours and mingling freely with the animals, mainly dog like animals.
40 In the prehistoric days, there were no selected locations for a species to live.
41 They moved to adapt to their environment, the weather and their food supply.

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Where does the Nuwaubian greeting "Raahubaat" come from?

Where does the Nuwaubian greeting "Raahubaat" come from? 

Well, it's not made up as some would like to think. Its immediate origin extends from Arabic term for "greeting" which is Marhaban whose root is [R-H-B]

From the root verb "ráhiba", to be wide, and "ráhhaba", to make [Adverb]


1. hello, welcome (greeting)

Related terms

"ráhiba", (to welcome)

Rahiba is also a common Arabic female name and can be found in the ancient Sanskrit language meaning "shall serve".

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Leviathan and the tricknowledge of rely-jinn!


27 Leviathan. the serpent people, one of the Reptilian seeds, or the Luciferians. have been trying to gain control over this planet for many thousands of Earth years, They are called the Sex Spirit Force, also called Pornay. They are able to seduce and deceive all those with desires on Earth turning lust to luster;
28 Thereby, attracting and controlling all with it, as Nekaybaw was seduced by the Leviathan powers of lust, It is the death of divinity and the birth of mortality.

20 Cain's seed was the first to worship Zuen as Zu, or as Tiamat the great Leviathan, as the spell was cast and fire.

67 That evolution or secondary creation started 17,250,000 years ago,
68 And it was performed by 6 ether beings, whose science is Rahowa,
69 Which tells them how to destroy and disrupt, and just when it will suffice.
70 They are the manifestation of those Garubaat, disagreeable Aluhum,
71 And 6 ether is known today as: Leviathan, Zeus, Lord, Baal, Satan, Taaghuwt, Khannaas, Nakhash, Sama'E!, Jupiter,
72 Vishnu, Sol, Molech, Ibliys, Od, Shay tun, Jinn, Shakhar, Devil, Legbar, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Azazl, etc.
73 Six ether is also known as: Sin, Siva, Anubis, Tehuti, Set, God, etc., and in its moon or ghost manifestation, spiritual, that which is spiritus, simply meaning "breath or breathing."

Lo! the English bible is the manifestation of Leviathan, 6 ether and ghost.
2 Leviathan, 6 ether fire produces ghost and goat-like hair, dog hair, jackal-like hair.
3 Leviathan is called Jesus, Baal and lord, and ghost is called God and Christ.
4 The manifestation of the false Jesus, 6 ether started with evolution 17,250,000 years ago.
5 The manifestation of Krishna, the Hindu Deity or ghost called Christ,
6 Started with Kadmon and Nekaybaw through Cain,
7 Approximately 42,000 years ago.
8 Therefore, god, ghost is a part of the one supreme being and not of the Supreme or Almighty himself.
9 When seen with the spiritual eye, Ghost looks like haze or fog.
10 In light of the previous knowledge about ghost or god,
12 I am using god in the English language spelled with a small g.
13 However, whether the word god is spelled with a small g or capital G, the original meaning of the word is the same, but a different definition is given to "god".
14 Yet, "God" or "god" is still ghost.
15 Moreover, graveyard forces, and those who wear this cross as a shield of Christianity.
16 The graveyards also bear the cross.
17 Thus, the cross becomes the symbol of death, and death is related to ghost,
18 Which is very depressive, repressive, and oppressive by nature.
19 This is why, if they do not have some other race or races to suppress,
20 They will oppress and destroy themselves.
21 The word "gospel" means ghost spell or spell of the ghost, which is the same as the spell of God.
22 One knows the nature of God by knowing the nature of the Tammahu race.
23 The etymological or original meaning of the name Jesus is gases conscious fire gases.
24 Jesus, or Leviathan in its moon,
25 That is, ghost manifestation is called Theh-Os Or Theoris, Anubis, Hermes, Sin, Siva, Nana, Dina, Queen, God, Christ, etc.
26 The spirit forces called Jesus are male and female,
27 But the female forces are the dominant.
28 Most other Tammahus accept the false Jesus, because they found out it produces ghost and ghost is their sustainer and creator.
29 The birth of myth and mythology which gave birth to theories and theology is the removal of facts and reality.
30 Their false Jesus who is really a Jehovah, Zeus in short, it becomes Ja-Zeus, Jesus.
31 He gave the other Tammahus a chance to get back at the Israelites for refusing to share riches and true spiritual and universal knowledge with them.
32 Their Jesus, their spirit six ether is no friend of The New Being people.
33 This is why Africa today above the Sahara desert, is mostly in the hands and control of people other than Nubians.
34 The name you called Jesus was the savior of their race.
35 You saw him as someone God had sent as the goat deity pan, by whose sacrifice would keep Tammahus in ruling power by turning justice from the guilty until the end of the moon cycle.
36 The wise neither judge a spiritual book by its cover, nor by the writing that is found in it, because both can be very deceiving.
37 The way the wise judge spiritual books or religion is by what the leaders, and adherents, believers of that book or religion do.
38 Not what they say or what the book states, because as it is said:
39 "Actions speak louder than words"
40 And "you know the tree by the fruit it bears".
41 In other words, one knows what the spirit forces of a book or religion represent by knowing what the leaders and adherents of that religion do.
42 So, if spiritual books and religions are judged by the actions of its adherents rather than by words,
43 This tells you that the spirit forces of their books,
44 And religions are dragon and monster forces, speaking beautiful words from hot mountains and bushes, in flames of fire, and making melodious music.
45 At the same time they're murdering people, and taking their lands, oppressing, suppressing, stealing, lying and ravishing the Earth.

86 The moon God, Ghost, is Christ or Krishna, the god and extractor from the Phoenician and East Indian people.
87 Christ is your ghost, the death gases.
88 The moon deity Anubis, or Anubu, the symbol of death is the part of leviathan, that produces ghost.
89 Therefore, ghost and god are the same.
90 The Tammahu race inherited its colonizing nature from the Phoenicians, and its cast nature from the Hindu.
91 No one can be a real Jew or Christian by nature, but a Tammahu.
92 Christianity was called the heathen's religion in Old Testament days, where they worshipped Moloch, a fire deity,
93 The worship of Moloch still requires human sacrifices and is dominant throughout Christiandom today.
94 The Negro, mentally dead does not know what it means to accept an alien religion.
95 For example, if a person accepts Hinduism or Muhammadism as his religion,
96 He should know that he has accepted the east Indians or Indo-Arabs as his visible deities, in so far as, the images of authority, respect, and admiration is from a specific race.
97 That's why they dress like them and want to look and be like them, which is other than your own self.
98 Neither can he become equal with or have power over the East Indian, or Arabs.
99 So he becomes their slave again,
100 This happens because he has been accepted as the superior power.
101 The same way it is with Judaism and Christianity or any other religion that is alien to you.
102 If a New Being person accepted Islamism or Christianity as his religion,
103 He has accepted the Tammahu as his visible god, because their god is depicted as Tammahu.
104 Neither can that person become equal with or have power over Tammahus,
105 Because the Tammahu has been accepted as the superior power in those religions, being the image of god is in their image.
106 This is why trying to obtain liberty and equality in any alien religion is a cruel hoax.
107 Hinduism is the spirituality and power of the east Indian.
108 Islamism and Christianity are the religions and power of the Tammahu race.
109 Yours is Nuwaubu-the way of the Anunnagi.

162 There is great power in sex,
163 And there is great power in the semen,
164 And when he shares that power with a female,
165 If that female is not for the best interests of his race,
166 Like the Moon converts gases from the sun to negative forces,
167 She will convert much of that semen from the male to negative forces,
168 With the help of the enemy, oppressor, and they will give birth to black or white devils working to destroy that race.
169 Nekaybaw, Eve converted Kadmon's power into agreeable forces and women have stopped doing that increasingly since then ..
170 But now you do it for Leviathan ever since, turning the children against their father.
171 So, males must awaken the women with Right Knowledge, and get them on the side of liberation, mentally, spiritually, physically and sexually, by guiding them right and refusing to be so free with your sexual power.
172 Then build a culture, protective, and an economic foundation for your women and children in your own communities,
173 So that women will have no excuse to let men of other races use them as sexual dumping grounds,
174 As they use them, and exploit them now.
175 Lovemaking in the form of sexual affairs with the alien enemy in all walks of life, is one reason why women do not desire to support,
176 The communities today for future well-being of your descendants.
177 For nobody likes for anyone to talk about his or her lover, sweetheart, etc.
178 And that is what you are doing when you talk to the women about liberating themselves.
179 The women are easy prey for men of other races.
180 Especially Tammahu men, because they are ignorant to the facts,
181 They are in economic traps, and are stigmatized by the enemy's religion.
182 His religion softens up women to become his easy victims.
183 Just look at who they teach god is or what Jesus looks like.
184 Of course your women think she wants them.
185 To be with them is to be with God.
186 But it is time for a change, Right Knowledge organizes and unifies the minds individually and collectively.
187 If knowledge is not to be confusing and thereby ineffective, it must be in sequence.
188 Knowledge received must be in organized sequence, in order to put the mind in order and unity.
189 Organize and put your minds in unity and order enough to qualify for your own effective spiritual science called Nuwaubu.
190 It will clear the fog and your single eye will re-open.
191 Clairvoyance, clear vision, will return and you will see again.
192 Nuwaubu and the forces and powers thereof are liberty, equality, justice, rightness,
193 And proper survival for New Beings everywhere.
194 Nuwaubu and the powers that make it effective and binding are the equalizers in all fields of necessity and endeavors in which other races offer contest.

247 Your children and adults go outside
248 And they see the Tammahus ruling and he has everything.
249 So they are thoroughly convinced that the only thing for them to do is serve the chosen of god-that is white supremacy in one of its rawest forms.
250 The forces of Leviathan are beginning to put it in the preacher's minds to keep you deceived longer and deeper by proclaiming that Jesus was black;
251 Or at least of the darker peoples.
252 But the false Jesus and God in any color are no friends of yours.
253 And the brutal enslavement, barbarous oppression,
254 And bestial leopardation, one-sided forced sexual mixing under Tammahu religion and civilization,
255 Are proof of their Jesus and god's enmity to you beyond any reasonable doubt.
256 No spiritual force but an enemy force would help anyone do to you,
257 What has been done and is still being done to you.
258 What children should be taught are the facts,
259 And that your spiritual power and spiritual science are not the same,
260 As those of the Tammahu race or any other race.

276 Many women in the United States are fully possessed by Tammahu men.
277 Physically, mentally, educationally, occupationally, spiritually, economically, and sexually.
278 They live their lives to be and look like women that are portrayed through the media,
279 Even if they pretend they are into a "black thing".
280 Deep in their hearts they feel these women are a symbol of beauty and success.
281 And most males are also possessed by them in various ways.
282 But I capitalized the word "Sexually" in the case of women because there is a special campaign under way by Leviathan to destroy racial identity through the sex of women.
283 And at the same time destroy all moral fiber that you may still have.
284 Leviathan is using men of other races to accomplish destroying racial identity.
285 The only one who will ever check that diabolical scheme of mankind,
286 And its forces is the male through proper teaching, protection for, and direct appeal to women.
287 Leviathan is a giant sex and spirit force.
288 This was in reality Haylal the son of Tarnush,
289 Who is able to control people and nations by sex and by spirit,
290 Generated from blood and the waters of the Earth.
291 Leviathan has many spirit members and parts distributed throughout the Earth cast
292 From the sun people of Gan, The Enclosed Garden,
293 Just before the evolutionary cycle began.
294 Some women know that they are working against,
295 The best interest of their people and do it deliberately,
296 Because they are gold diggers, degenerates,
297 And opportunists who want to please the master,
298 And seducer who keeps them in power.
299 Other women are just ignorant to what is going on;
300 And yet, there are still others driven to do things that they would not do,
301 But yet, do them because of their poverty-stricken condition.
302 One of the best ways to check women is to give them Right Knowledge,
303 And see that they and their children get proper protection,
304 And provisions by way of you males.

344 But the cycle for the bible was the moon cycle and that cycle is ending.
345 Their deity exists indeed, but it does not exist in your favor.
346 Neither preachers nor imams nor anyone else know who God is.
347 Unless he knows what God is, and the nature of the substance of God.
348 They know who their God is and what their God is.
349 God and devil are opposite sides of the same thing-Leviathan.
350 This means that their God is not going to destroy the devil
351 As the bible pretends and deceives,
352 Because destroying the devil means destroying Leviathan.
353 And that would be the end of their deity,
354 For Leviathan produces their god, ghost.
355 Yet, their god is the death of Leviathan in the sense that the moon cycle marked the climax and end of evolution.
356 And Leviathan is the evolutionary forces.
357 If one knows the nature of the Tammahu, he knows the nature of their deity, if they are made in the image and after his likeness,
358 For the Tammahus are the children of the God, ghost.
359 Their nature is to oppress and cause you suffering and death.
360 It stands to reason that the oppressive slave master did not,
361 And will not give the slave anything which he thinks may one day liberate the slave.
362 Therefore, you know that the Bible,
363 And the spirit forces thereof will never liberate the captive.
364 Hence, the powers of Nuwaubu are the only liberation forces for woolly-haired people everywhere.
365 The powers in Nuwaubu are knowledge, reason and 9 ether.
366 There is a special project under way by Leviathan to further leopardize
367 And ghostize your race, the world of the woolly- haired people,
368 By changing original hair, original color,
369 And original features to those of other races.
370 In other words, destroy beautiful woolly hair,
371 And pretty dark brown skin by one-sided racial miscegenation, which is one-sided racial sexual mixing.
372 They are creating a "new race" or neutral race where you can't tell their nationality.
373 Leviathan is using straight-haired men and women in its attempt to destroy you through the sexual use of woolly-haired women and men.
374 Male, New Being, must also refuse to have sexual relationships with alien women and refuse to mongrelize their seed by refusing to father offspring by women of Tammahu races.
375 The hybrids born from interracial sexual mixing are not accepted in the Canaanite race,
376 And they are not accepted by the Nubian race.
377 So that leaves another human without an identity.

48 There are two words used in the New Testament for "Hell," Hades, and Gehenna.
49 The Qur'aan mentions hell and has seven different words for "hell: "Jahannam, Jahiym, Saqar, Sa'iyr, Haawiya, Lazaa, and Hutama.
50 This is the place that religion teaches is within the Earth where human beings go if they should be so unlucky as not to make the grade on the surface of the Earth.
51 Now, regardless to what Hell is called, each religion teaches that this is the dwelling place of Leviathan which is the sea demon.

188 You are Nuwaubians, your are originally from Nubia.
189 You have your own language Nuwaubic.
190 You have your own dress and culture.
191 You now have everything you need to go on to the next level.
192 I came giving you what you wanted, Islaam,
193 So that you would learn to want what I really have to give.
194 Now you have learned to want what I have to give.
195 The name Nuwaubian started spreading throughout the Western hemisphere.
196 You wore nose rings, immediately nose rings became a trend.
197 I said you wore braids, that too became a trend.
198 I said you wore beads in your hair and beads on the braids became a trend.
199 I said stop calling them white people.
200 They're not white, they are lepers, that too became a trend for all Nuwaubian leaders.
201 The curse of Canaan, the Amorite, the 400 year bondage, as oppose to the 430 year bondage of Israel.
202 Everybody would start to pick out of the things that were being said, never knowing that the hope had arrived.
203 The facts beyond any doubt had finally come.
204 And this mysterious spell called the Spell of Leviathan was about to be broken.

Read The Holy Tablets online.

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The Hexagon upon Anu

HOLYTABS CHAP:6:TAB:4:34 "The hexagon and thus the 6 pointed star are symbolic of ANU'S protection: I seek refuge in ANU from the cursed, Shaytun."

Ur III Sumerian cuneiform for An

The true etymology of "Abracadabra"


153 Caucasia, a part of Russia, has an area of 170,000 thousand square miles. 
154 The Greeks named it Caucasia, which is the home of the Flugelrods, as they are called in El Manee or what is called Germany today, and their original name is Halaabeans, or Hulub, which is to distinguish themselves from the descendants of Libana, Canaan, the Caucasians.
155 Carcass-Asian, Caucasian, deteriorating Asiatics.
156 Elbrus or home of those Abras beings, Lepers of the mountains, are also called the sons of Canaan,
157 Thus the term Abracadabra, a mystical word has used in incantations or as a charm to ward off disease,
158 Originally said Abras Cadaver used to mean the "bodies of lepers."
159 These sons of Canaan are those of which the tribe Amorite, meaning "mountain dwellers, "comes from.

Mount Elbrus

Friday, January 10, 2014

The End of Darkness

The study of  the movement of stars has shown that the universe is expanding at an alarming rate and that all mass is actually steadily increasing in speed by an unknown force (possibly dark energy). Eventually all mass will move faster than the speed of light completely eliminating darkness and disabling time in the linear sense. At that point most likely a massive sexual copulation will occur with a similar universe who's also experiencing expansion to the point of pure light resulting in a "big bang" aka a galactic sexual orgasm.