Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Maldekian Crop Circle

Raahubaat Kosmosans,

On May 8th, 2002 the Master Teacher and Supreme Grand Hierophant of the Ancient Egiptian Order Dr. Malachi Zodoq York was arrested in Putnam County Georgia for suspiciously formulated, trumped-up charges of pedophilia and racketeering in the form of money laundering. Three months later on August 15th of 2002 in a wheat field in Hampshire, UK., the discovery of a highly detailed and complex crop circle with a so-called "alien" face and circular disk surfaced. Many since have speculated as to who created it and why, and I too have developed my own theory as to the purpose of its creation. Applying the sacred Nuwaubic doctrine, this crop circle can be explained concisely with right and exact precision. I have detracted from mainstream labels (Crabwood Face, Alien Face) and affectionately referred to this the most advanced crop circle ever created in the history of crop circles as the "Maldekian Crop Circle" because the face of the alien appears to be an image of the particular species of Greys also known as a Maldekian or Reticulan who are originally from the binary star Zeta Reticuli, and who migrated to planet Maldek (aka Valkun) which was 27,500 miles in diameter and located between Lahmu (Mars) and Kishar (Jupiter) before it's collision with the planet size spaceship Nibiru as had been taught within the Nuwaubic doctrine by the Master Teacher: Dr. Malachi Z. York.

The Holy Tablets: Chap 1 Tab 5:53: "...This happened [Nibiru's erratic orbit] because the planet Uranus was not originally seen in the solar system when Nibiru made its first visits. Uranus moving from behind Neptune caused Nibiru to veer off its own original path in order not to hit Uranus, and made it collide into another planet then called Maldek, also called Valkun."

Man from Planet Rizq: Pg 105: "As an amendment for accidentally destroying Maldek, the Rizqiyians allowed the Maldekians to come to Rizq to live in Darnuriyya ('Dwelling of light')."

A graphic image of the Asteroid belt which are the remnants of the planet Maldek after the collision with Nibiru.

The Maldekians (who are skin shedding reptilians in form) migrated to Qi (Earth) after their planet was destroyed and have been living in cities hidden deep beneath the sea for billions of years, long before the creation of the Homo-Sapiens.

Holy Tablets Chap 1 Tab 6:48 "...He [Luna] was originally a Humanoid type Maldekite from Gaga/Pluto who lived in Tiwawat after they had crashed down, and he tried to rules all beings on Earth. the Maldekians, and their slaves the Troglodytes, also known as Masmukiyya have been using the vast seas of the planet Earth for billions of years as a home base under the Bermuda Triangle, also called Angel's triangle."

A definitive description of the Maldekians also known as the Reticulans or Markabians from the Man from Planet Rizq (Scroll #80) written approximately in 1994 by the Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Zodoq York

The Disk

Although confusing at 1st glance, the message within the disk was deciphered using the standard 8-bit binary code known as ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). The cipher starts at the center of the disk and spirals outward counter-clockwise, this is also the same read pattern that a compact disc or DVD uses.

The empty spaces represent the binary number of ZERO and the blocks represent the binary number ONE. Using this cipher we get the message of:

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.
Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there.
We oppose deception. Conduit closing. 0x07"

The binary code of 0x07 at the end of the message would produce a bell sound similar to that of an old typewriter.


Let's take a closer look at the message:

Now, It's quite obvious that this message was created for the world to read and decode, and not just solely for the injustice of one man. However, given the short time interval between these separate and yet connected events, combined with the harsh treatment of Dr. Malachi York by the United States federal government and their secret covert organization Co-Intel Pro, in-which no doubt incited this message to be delivered by this advanced Maldekian race. The foundation of this message, obviously a warning in the form of a binary code clearly showcases the Maldekians anger at the world for it's mounting evil deeds including the arrest of this great sage Dr. Malachi York. As he is so affectionately referred to by his students; 'The Master Teacher', Dr. Malachi Z. York has dedicated a life time of work to the study of these beings and related topics in the form of lectures, videos, and books. This portion of this message from the Maldekians was apparently designed to warn the entire world of the deceit and hurt the evil ones can deliver if allowed, and their torment upon the world.

Basically, a message of perseverance to the blessed, meek and chosen of the world. After Malachi's arrest, the Nuwaubian nation initially suffered severe setbacks, and have as of yet to completely overcome this overwhelmingly disheartening occurrence. But alas the mills still grind and the sacred Nuwaubian doctrine composed by the Master Teacher is still being delivererd to the lost and now found.

What other being during these sequence of events at that time had been lied upon in such a manner - with the local media co-signing and convicting this man in their forums with all sorts of perverted and unsubstantiated slander. Surely, this warning of deceit is meant for those who are wise beyond worldly gain, and political, bias media controlled outlets.

A positive indication that justice will be served and an indication that something great is coming in the form of a rapture where the good of the Earth shall be salvaged.

This lets us know that we are dealing with an advanced race who exist in a multidimensional, multilateral existence far beyond our three-dimensional realm of height, width, length. Sound and tones played greater importance in this realm in their interchange with the spatial time dimension. This is made apparent with the indication of the gong at the end of the coded message which opened a portal for the Maldekians to temporarily enter our continuum.

From the Man from Planet Rizq (Scroll #80) Pg #72:
...The Earth vibrates at 7 beats per second. That's its pulse because it is alive and has bio-rhythms, just like humans. This is the Aum principle based on mother nature. However, since this telepathic influence, the musical instruments, such as the piano, have been tuned to A-440 which is 55 times what is should be, and it has been sped up since 1945 A.D. to 442hz and 443 Hz. By speeding up music, it sped up time. This is being done by malevolent (disagreeable) beings originally from Zeta Reticuli in the Orion constellation, in the 16th galaxy, but now live in the seas of Qi (Earth)
[Maldekians]. Because music has been sped up it why the world is in a state of lunacy.

Binary Analysis

An example of how a laser reads a CD or DVD disk

The process of decoding the message

Another example

Question: Nuwaubian Hotep how do you know this particular crop circle was created by a Maldekian and is not a fraud created by Mankind?
  1. Given the sheer complexity of this crop circle created within a four hour time frame during shadow hours, it would be quite impossible for even a fleet of skilled human crop circle workers to complete with such accuracy and design.
  2. The face upon the crop circle has a point of light reference casting a shadow upon it's left side. The artistic complexity of this image would prove utterly impossible to re-create using the typical crop circle tools of a 2x4 wooden stick under foot in a stomped pattern march following positioned x-y wires aligned with steaks upon the outer rim. The process used to create this particular crop circle is called "dot matrix" or photographic encoding. Much in the way a modern day printer prints it's pages from the computer. A feat that would be quite impossible for even the most skilled artisan to complete in such a timely manner (or at all!) upon a field of wheat.


Anonymous said...

Good Outformation my brother. Our world governments are being warned about the ET's they are currently dealing with bearing gifts of technology and cures for diseases but they are deceiving us to the point of destruction.

Unknown said...

Very well interpreted. I hope we get to see more of these.

Unknown said...

Good day to you and yours ......

I have a couple of questions,and would like to ask them here if possible .

What is the key that the note in @ the end of the Binary message(I am taking a wild Guess @ B) . I would like to also state here that to my knowledge there is more to the message that is posted. I have seen the decoded message on other websites,and also on YouTube .

I have thought it is strange that no on really talks about the key that the note is in,that to me is a key, right there in itself alone.

I have this strange feeling that there is more to the message than,is read from the Binary .

When ever possible,no hurry @ all, get back to me @ your best convenience .

Thank you for posting up this very Valuable information,that is out for the masses .

Nuwaubian Hotep said...


The note is an [A#] and what I have listed in the complete message. There's nothing more to be found using 8bit binary coding.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Hotep,for your reply . Another question that i would have is,with the closing Note of A#,is this the opening and closing of the portal for their point of contact with us? I am curous to know if this is used to get in touch with anyone wanting to communicate with them ?

Or would you say it is a one way means of relaying messages back and forth ? To my understanding there are many means of opening a portal to communicate with other beings(Astral) . Ohm is one means of quieting the mind,as to go into a deep state of meditation,as well as others.

I would like to get your take on this,and other ideas you would have when ever you have the chance .

Thank you again .

Nuwaubian Hotep said...

IMO: The indication of the code is more of symbolism than actuality since it was delivered as code and not an actual sound. They are letting us know the sheer importance of vibration and sound in their realm.

Unknown said...

I need more info cause I was visited by them