Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where the Messiah walked.


What I find so strange about this map is that the place were Christianity began, a semitic religon that originated from within the middle east and eastern horn today's population consist largely of Muslims. And yet Christianity today exists in all areas that are of non Semitic speaking peoples.

See for yourself.
Relative distribution of Christianity (red) vs. Islam (green)

So, if Islam is false, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, apropos via all the rhetoric these non Semitic speaking Christians spew, then why it is the Christian home base and surrounding areas are all areas who's primary religion is Islam?

If these non Semitic Christians had the truth in their assault against Islam they why aren't the people who's lineage is directly connected to Yeshua "Christian"? Why are towns talked about in the New Testament such as Galilee and the larger county of Nazareth primarily Islamic?

About Galilee:
"Today the Galilee is home to a large Israeli Arab population, with a particularly large Druze population. The central portion of the Galilee also known as the "Heart of the Galilee" stretching from the border with Lebanon to the northern edge of the Jezreel Valley including the cities of Nazareth, Sakhnin, Shaghur, Tamra and Kafr Kanna has an Arab population of 78%. The Jewish Agency have attempted to increase the Jewish population in this area. The population of the Galilee as a whole excluding the Haifa metropolitan area is 44.3% Jewish and 52.5% Arab, including Druze and Bedouins."


About Nazareth:
"According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, Nazareth had apopulation of approximately 65,000 in 2005. The vast majority of its residents are Arab citizens of Israel, 31.3% of whom are Christians and 68.7% of whom are Muslims. Nazareth forms a metropolitan area with the Arab local councils of Yafaan-Naseriyye to the south, Reineh, Mashhad and Kafr Kanna to the north, Iksaland the adjacent city of Nazareth Illit to the east which has a population of 40,000 Jews and Elot to the west. Together, the Nazareth metropolis area has apopulation of approximately 185,000 of which over 145,000 are Arabs."


Clear evidence that Christians distort the word of Muhammad and Islam. Which by-the-way prompted Muhammad to start Islam in the 1st place as per the perversion and corruption of Christianity. Simply put, Muhammad restored the ritual and customs of the prophet Abraham (PBUH) that was shared via oral tradition, not a book.


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