Thursday, May 11, 2023

Historical Jesus?

"We are faced with the inescapable realization that if Jesus actually lived in the flesh in the first century A.D., and if he had been able to read the documents of old Egypt, he would have been amazed to find his own biography already substantially written some four or five thousand years previously. Tertullian, Justin Martyr and other writers have noted that the leaders of the Christian movement confessed that many of their doctrines, rites, creeds and symbols were identical with Egyptian antetypes. The late outstanding American Egyptologist, James H. Breasted, found evidence of such similarities between the Old Testament book, Proverbs, and addresses to the Pharaoh of Egypt dating as far back as 3500 B.C.

Sibyl Ferguson - The forward to the book entitled "Gerald Massey's Lectures"

Santo Stefano del Cacco

The building date of the church of Santo Stefano del Cacco is not known for certain, but one assumes that it was erected during the pontificate of pope Hadrian I (772-795). The church was built on the ruins of the temple of Isis and Serapis, from which one reused the twelve columns of the nave. Certainly the church existed at the time of pope St. Paschal I (817-824), who embellished it with an apsidal mosaic. This mosaic, unfortunately lost, depicted the pope with a model of the church. Much later, during the pontificate of Paschal II (1099-1118), two painters, Gregorius and Petrolinus, worked on the absidal decoration of the church.

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