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What is the purpose of the cylindrical, cigar shaped UFO?

Vid caps of Cylinder shaped UFO's seen on Mars and a volcano in Mexico

What is the purpose of the cylindrical, cigar-shaped UFO?
Ans: They are known as SHAMS. And their purpose is to transport gold from Earth back to Nibiru then from their Nibiru takes that gold to Rizq to replenish its depleting atmosphere.

1st let's analyze the evidence.

Cylinder shaped UFO craft filmed entering  the mouth of an active volcano again in October 2012. 

Cylinder shaped UFO filmed April 28, 2014 by Martin Rover 

Video of large cylindrical UFO craft.

Now lets go to The Holy Tablets 

Tablet Four: The War In The Skies (19x3 = 57)

Lo! The first conflict was in the skies of Illyuwn, the nineteenth galaxy, also called The Great Galaxy, known as the place "On High," where the etheric records called "AKASHA" are kept.
2 The first conflict was when Tarnush, also known as Humbaba, son of Taaghuwt and Sin tried to take over ILLYUWN. Balus wanted to rule all the stars and the ANUNNAGI of the skies.
3 Tarnush was second in command under MURDUK, son of Enqi and Damkina. Tarnush felt that MURDUK was not qualified for leading the fleets of his grandfather, ANU.
4 During this time, the planet Titan, which is considered a moon of the planet Saturn, was a home base of Humbaba who was called Krunus, and Saturn, husband of Ops, companion of the fire goddess, Lua, father of Picus.
5 His reigning period was called Saturnalia, and to .this day, it's celebrated between December 17th and December 25th. Those under Krunus were claiming ANSHAR -- "foremost of heavens,".which is today called Saturn; which was the astrological sign of ANSHAR, father of ANU-as their home base.
6 The Ringed Planet named Saturn rotates very quickly; it takes 10 hours and 40 minutes for it to turn once on its axis. Saturn bulges even more at its equator than Jupiter. Saturn has a very deep atmosphere, which is made up mainly of Hydrogen and Helium, with some Methane and Ammonia. At the top of its atmosphere, the temperature is about -300º Fahrenheit. This low temperature causes Ammonia in the outer atmosphere to freeze, forming high-altitude haze.
7 More and more space probes from NASA are being sent into space, due to the curiosity of Mankind. They are trying to re-discover what took place long ago in the heavens.
8 Space probes to Saturn are being sent to various planets and moons such as the Cassini that was sent in 1997 A.D. filled with 72 pounds of highly radioactive plutonium. The probe being named after Giovanni Domenico Cassini, an Italian-born French astronomer.
9 The planet Titan was the home base of the disagreeable Anunnagi, which were divided into 12 continents, the Greeks named them, 1. Oceanus, 2. Creus, 3. Coeus, 4. Iapetus, S. Cronus, 6. Hyperion, 7. Rhea, 8. Mnemosyne, 9.Theia, 10. Themis, 11. Tethys, 12.Phoebe. The disagreeable Anunnagi made Titan an alternative, when they were cast out, and the capital was Phoebe, from whence you get the word phobia, a irrational fear of a specific thing or situation, to avoid, or a dislike, or aversion. The space satellite Phobos, of Mars was also named after the 12th continent Phoebe of Titan. This is the mystical 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 tribes of Ishmael, the 12 signs of the zodiac under their Olympian deities, Zeus as Jesus, born in the 12th month of the Gregorian calendar with 12 disciples, who becomes Ja-zeus, and Ya-shua to Ya-hova. However, Some of these disagreeable Anunnagi took residence on one of the 3 continents of the planet RIZQ, the continent called ZARANTU. They were restricted from visiting the other 2 continents, DARNURIYYA and KUSMUSTA without a Rizqiyian escort. There was immigration laws set up. However, RIZQIYIANS can visit all 3 continents unescorted. Zarantu was under the command of Tarnush, who wanted total control of RIZQ. However, Murduk was chosen by ANU to lead the fleets, and this caused a disagreement between MURDUK and Tarnush. ANU'S decision for MURDUK to lead ANU'S fleets, caused that disagreement between Murduk and Tarnush, which caused a small war and a clash on the planet RIZQ, which comes from the word Razaqa, meaning "to provide."
10 Tarnush, also known as Humbaba attacked the planet RIZQ with a shield depleter, Aer-o-sol, A gaseous suspension of fine solid or liquid particles. This substance, can today be found in such produce as paint, detergent, or an insecticide, packaged under pressure with a gaseous propellant for release as a spray of fine particles. Today the children of the Luciferians are using the same tactics here on earth to deplete the ozone, or shield of this planet. The aerosol bomb of Tarnush comes from the root word Aero-or aer· simply "Air; atmosphere": aeroballistics and a Gas: aerosol. From the Greek word, for aer, meaning "air" and the word Sol, meaning "sun". So, you get air "O" for Omega "ending", and Sol, "sun". Just like the destruction of the atmosphere and of the suns of Rizq, this same epidemic is also being done here on earth. This aerosol bomb of Tarnush caused the natural atmosphere of RIZQ to deplete.
11 The RIZQIYIANS had no protection from the damaging rays of the three Suns.
12 The atmosphere was dwindling away and many RIZQIYIANS departed to other galaxies.
13 The rays from the three suns UTU, SHAMASH, and AFSU had put a hole in our Ozone Layer, as you have now a hole in your ozone layer over Australia expanding daily.
14 RIZQ, the 8th planet, was the heart and source of that Tri-Solar System, and thus, was the most affected, As earth is the heart of this Solar System.
15 All 3 suns have a magnetic pull that causes a tighter, and heavier rotation of its planets.
16 The energy field on RIZQ was starting to increase and the hole was starting to lose its color.
17 So the RIZQIYIANS needed to build a protection, a dome of gold dust to protect the planet from the damaging ultraviolet rays. Gold reflects the sun's rays. Pure gold can easily be beaten or hammered to a thickness of 0.000005 inches and 1.02 ounces or simply, thinner than paper and can be stretched for more than 60 miles long. It can be made thinner than any metal. This is one of the reasons why gold is a very precious metal and is greatly valued by hurnims today.
18 It is one of the' softest metals, and it is a good conductor of electricity and heat, and it can be easily vaporized better than any metal. Gold is also capable of reflecting intense heat and holds up under any condition. Having this and knowledge about pure gold, other metals, and minerals, the RIZQIYIANS knew exactly what they were coming for. Gold having existed since the creation of the planet Earth as you know it, can be found deep in the Earth's crust,' volcanic ash as well as in the vast oceans of this planet. ANU and the other Aluhum knew that the gold of this Earth was good long before the birth of man.
19 The RIZQIYIANS had to abort RIZQ and go to KESUL/Orion, which is a six star, six major sun constellation, thus having hundreds of galaxies. The RIZQIYIANS took residence in the planets and star constellations of MAZZOROTH, 'AYISHI/Arcturus, and KAMUH/Pleiades, making them also temporary homes. Exploration was necessary. Thus, the grafting of explorers became a necessity.
20 This need gave birth to RUMARDIANS. Later to become known as Greys. These extraterrestrial biological entities, E.B.E's, were grafted from various extraterrestrial species. They were emotionless and without reproductive capabilities.
21 They served but one purpose, and that is as explorers and worthy servants. Their explorations took them to LAHMU, called Mars, and SHESHQI, called the Moon, where plans for the construction of cylinder crafts, called SHAMS were built. This took place after the collision with the crafts of the Ninga fleet, also known as the four winds.
22 They transported gold dust to the moon, then to NIBIRU, and from there on to the planet RIZQ. When this job was completed, these beings were given their freedom.
From The Holy Tablets

From the Holy Tablets

The International Space Station live public feed captures a massive UFO Fleet dropping out of a wormhole March, 10, 2014 

Interstellar object may have been alien probe, Harvard paper argues, but experts are skeptical

Our sacred prophetic Holy Tablets matched against real-life supernatural events! 

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