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Nuwaubians, Cheops, Armageddon, the Moon Cycle, the Tabs and the Black Devil

Nuwaupians, Cheops, Armageddon, the Moon Cycle, the Tabs and the Black Devil

Per Aaa (Pharaoh) Cheops (Khufu) 4th dynasty - 2589 to 2566 B.C.

Holy Tablets Chapter 10 Tab 12:

411 Nuwaubians are becoming aware.

412 They are waking up to all of the deceptions and lies.

413 For the first time since the ruler Cheops, 5000 years ago.

414 Woolly-haired people are being given the real choice between right or
wrong, knowledge or ignorance,

415 Liberty or serfdom, equality or inequality, justice or injustice, life or

416 Own spiritual science Nuwaubu or alien religion,

417 Meaning, liberty with nine ether or captivity with god and Jesus or
Muhammad worship, called Islam.

418 When sufficient circulation of these choices has been completed,

419 And sufficient time has been allowed to accept or reject these choices
through overstanding,

420 Armageddon will climax with fire-artificial fire and natural fire.

421 The last war of the moon cycle is called Armageddon.

422 Armageddon will start before the end of the moon cycle, and will
continue until the universe, including orb, Earth, is in the rule of liberty,
rightness, justice, and equality again.

423 Armageddon is the war of the resurrection of the dead-the mental

424 Armageddon is the showdown between right and wrong, between life
and death.

425 If a Negro, male and female, can read and study this tablet and still have
the same old negative mind and same old negative spirit,

426 That makes a person a black devil and keeps a person a Negro.

427 That individual is incapable of being resurrected from the mental dead
and is definitely detrimental to the cause of New Being progress and well-being,
because that person is indeed on the side of the enemy of liberty, equality, justice,
and nationalism.

428 Furthermore, if a Negro simply reads these teachings and the knowledge
in them, and does not start a growing fire for mental resurrection, liberty, and
equality, that person is dead forever,

429 And is a bigger liability to progress and well-being than the alien enemy
himself; because you know the alien enemy on sight.

430 But those enemies among you that look like you are more dangerous,

431 For the only way you know them is by their words or deeds or both.

432 Therefore, the enemies among you that look like you, are enemies of right
Nuwaubian's goals, the same as the alien oppressor. They are black devils.

433 Nuwaubu is the best knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding.

434 Nuwaubu is the equalizer anywhere and any time,

435 And it will be disclosed when the minds of all woolly-haired people with
the ability to identify themselves with nine ether have been qualified. And that
time is now, right now, if accepted and diligently studied as well as read.

436 This tablet is dedicated and designed to separate the sheep from the
goat-separate those who can make it from those who cannot make it. Those
who are not flexible enough to reform and conform to Right Knowledge
through sound right reason, will not survive Armageddon

437 The showdown between right and wrong is on right now. Come join your

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