Thursday, September 11, 2008

Egyptologist Gerald Massey defines the Semitic/Egyptian term "Amen"

"The Historical Jesus and The Mythical Christ"
Excerpted from page 16;

"'Amen' in Revelations is a title of the God AΩ; and in Egyptian both Amen and Iu mean 'come,' 'to come' the 'coming one'. Iu(Eg.) was originally written aa. and the pyramid or Triangle is aa by name. As a triangle this sign is threefold, as a pyramid it unites the square and triangle and is sevenfold, therefore it could be a sign of the ten-total, which was also figured thus as a pyramidal then by the Pythagoreans, an image of the All composed of seven elementary forces expressed in threefold human form. The Name could be uttered by a single sound or sign as it was by the Hebrew Jad=10, or two hands; the Egyptian pyramid the Chinese Δ, the British Cyfriu, /I\ (A, I, still, at Lloyds) or the Coptic I with inherent U, which has the numeral value of 10. This was a mode of expressing the representative of divine Unity (comprising the seven elementary powers, together with the human trinity, in a ten-total,) by one sign and a single sound; and this I, Δ, Iu, or AΩ, is a symbol of the name Iusu (i.e. Iu the duplicative or dual one), the Greek Iesous, as the AΩ in Revelation. The pyramid (triangula) is the letter A in stellar form; and the divinity Har-khuti, Har-Sebti the Iu, AΩ, or Iao is the primary one - answering to the A at the head of the alphabet - who as the child or son Su (Eg.) is Iusu, Iesous, Iso, or Jesus. The name of Horus (Har, Eg.) also has the meaning of No. 10, and Har-khuti of the Seven Lights is the God One=ten, of the triangle (trinity) and pyramid (hebdomad, the symbol of the three and the seven. Lastly, this God One=tree=seven=ten, whose title was at length expressed by the first and final letter of the Greek alphabet, AΩ, is the pubescent male who was born of the virgin mother without the fatherhood, third in advent, but placed first in series, as the representative of all the powers, whose natural genesis has been traced to lunar phenomena, and who in the solar mythos was the opponent and vanquisher of the Beast with ten horns, which represented the total of the opposing Typhoninan powers."

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