Saturday, March 17, 2018

Does Dr. York speak 19 languages?

Listed are the 19 languages I know for a fact that Dr. York is fluent in as they were taught in the sacred scrolls he compiled. In addition he most likely is fluent in more than these so-called languages listed here as some are classified as dialects of the Afro-Asiatic language group. The statement of knowing 19 languages is "rhetorical" as 19 is a sacred number of which was initially taught in back in the Nubian Islamic Hebrew days.

  1. Portuguese
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Arabic (literally everyone in North Africa are fluent in these four languages)
  5. Hebrew
  6. Tigrinya
  7. Syriac 
  8. Ge'ez
  9. Berber
  10. Beja
  11. Ormom
  12. Somali
  13. Sidamno
  14. Hadia
  15. Kambata
  16. Afar 
  17. Egyptian Arabic
  18. Amharic
  19. Nubic: (A script created by Dr. York that speaks in Arabic.)

All of these 19 so-called languages fall under what the Temehu calls the "Afro-Asiatic languages group"

Dr. Malachi York was born in Sudan so by designed of the region he is fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic, just as everybody else there is! While shopping in NJ/NYC, I witnessed a Sudanese salesman in a store where I bought clothes speak fluent Spanish to what looked like a Puerto Rican. And it was He who informed me that EVERYONE in North Africa and the Middle East are fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. The Egyptian owner of the store (of whom I also witnessed speaking fluent Spanish) confirmed his statement.

Again overstand the original statement of being fluent in 19 languages was/is RHETORICAL. To say someone is fluent in exactly 19 languages in nonsensical. Now, know the difference between a dialect and a language as I agree some of these listed here ex: Syriac and Aramaic are more related to each other as dialects than language, never-the-less your Tamahu brethren (who's work you trust so dearly in...) classifies them as "languages".

So, take that up with them. Besides, Doc speaks more than 19 languages! I left out of the list Bantu, Latin and Greek all of which he has consistently referenced in his scrolls.

In the glossaries of both The Holy Tablets and The Sacred Records of Atum-Re (aka The Black Book) Doc joins Arabic/Syriac and Hebrew/Aramaic together as one when tracing and defining the etymological roots of Semitic words. The truth is all four of these Semitic dialects (Arabic, Syriac, Hebrew, Aramaic) are what's known as a "complicated morphology" and aren't too dissimilar to each other with minute differences in spelling and pronunciation.

Semitic: - of or relating to the group of Semitic languages; "Semitic tongues have a complicated morphology"

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