Sunday, September 1, 2013

Is President Barack Obama an evil Reptilian?

If you overstand the science of the Naga (a snake deity) then you innerstand that a Reptilian isn't necessarily deemed an "evil being" on general principle and as a Nuwaupian we don't see life in terms of "good and evil" but rather "agreeable and disagreeable" of which ALL life have a mixture of both. So, with that stated creating a superimposed image of Obama with a reptilian eyes and scaly skin (if true) doesn't necessarily denote "evil".


62 "...Those who came from Bhogabati, which is the first planet in Dvaraka of Procyon, after the planet Nirvana, came down to help humans, and they were called Naga also called Nagini or Nagas. They were a non-violent race of serpents, reptilians, who are benevolent toward humans. 

63 The ruler, king of the Naga serpents was called Takshaka who was beloved by Indra, and the queen was Manasa, the queen of serpents, who grants fertility to sterile mortal females.

64 The Naga ruler can be depended upon to assist in matters concerning peace, justice, fertility, and health spiritual enlightenment and wealth 

"...The Nagas, also called Nagini and Naga, were a non-violent race of serpents, Reptilians, who are benevolent toward Humans."