Friday, August 30, 2013

Did We Come From Mars?

Lo! when the place that you are living on, called Earth was young, it was visited by a race of beings who came from another solar system.
2 These beings are referred to as the "Elder Gods,"
3 Who with their advances in science and knowledge of DNA and RNA manipulation,
4 The original cloned after Adam were able to live for hundreds of years.
5 They discovered the secret of living death,
6 And how death is an illness in humans that can be cured if,
7 Or if not prolonged at their weakest point to not less than 120 years,
8 These elder beings were the Shuyukh or the Rizqiyians from a planet called Rizq in the nineteenth galaxy of lllyuwn. I am one such being sent to you.
9 We Rizqiyians before settling here lived in Arcturus Pleiades, Clarion in the Orion star constellation.
10 We constructed bases for laboratories on Mars, and the Moon,
11 For the cloning and breeding of Adama, Earthlings. We left some of our hybrids who made their residents within Shamballah.
12 They were called Dunaakial.
13 Many stayed, other branched off into tribes and moved nearer surface and set up their caverns.
14 And even others went surface and mixed with surface beings and became the Dongalawiy and the Danakiyl.
15 Early humans that existed on Earth that time, were considered them as "gods."

Life on Earth came from Mars, study suggests