Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zodoq: Melchizedek



[Melchizedek = "my king is righteous" 'the order of Melchizedek' the order of the priesthood to which Christ belongs.]

1 Lo! Then El Eloh the supreme being, commanded all the souls of creation to look at my form,
2 And I incarnated Melchizedek, Malachi-Zodoq,
3 And then I incarnated in the form of Al Qubt,
4 Then I incarnated in the form of Yaanuwn.
5 I am from Rizq the eighth planet in the nineteenth galaxy Illyuwn,
6 Far outside of this one. 
7 I am sent here to give you the true guidance.
8 Out of your past that has become your future and has returned to warn you.
9 I came from the planet Rizq by way of Nibiru, you call it Jannat [Paradise].
10 Our solar system is within the 19th galaxy on this side of the first warp called the "black hole."
11 We have a tri-solar system of 19 planets and 38 moons.
12 Some planets have moons while others don't.
13 I come from the 8th planet of the nineteenth galaxy called lllyuwn.
14 The planet Rizq is a great planet that gives a great deal of energy originally having 2 moons, but now one.
15 From the planet Nibiru we can see three suns and one moon.
16 Yanaan, also spelled Yaanuwn and the beings of my planet live and look much like you humims or human beings of Earth.
17 We are called Rizqiyian or Anunnagi or just the Aluhum. I am one of the teachers of the 19th galaxy.
18 I try to raise your consciousness so that when the ship returns in the lunar logging of the Twelfth point, in August, in the year 2,003 of the Gregorian Calendar, when the gate or great vortex will re-open and this planet called Earth positions itself, in the location of revolution of the planets, and they all are in a line as in the lunar logging of the fifth point in May, in the year two thousand, of the Gregorian Calendar, you will be ready. 
19 You have psychic powers-you must use them.
20 I was bred for you. 
21 I come from a star fleet of people that are scientists and astrologers:
22 They are the ones who keep the Akasha, Akastic Records,
23 They keep the logs of everything that takes place in all the planets.
24 The planet that I come from each being lives to be 1000 years old. As "Etherians" or "Etheric Beings" in our perfected state we live trillions of years, a time system beyond your comprehension at this point.
25 When in our incarnated state we each live 120 years or less. Your atmosphere created by your sun, a dying star, causes us true Melanin-ites to age and die much more rapidly because it alters our chemistry and reduces our stay. So to stay there for 1,000 years, would be like staying here for a day. In our original state we live 1,000 Earth years.
26 We stay and then move on to another galaxy.
27 A whole star fleet came to Earth in ether form.
28 The beings on my planet are human beings very similar to Earth people,
29 Except the supreme beings, the elite or etheric etherians incarnated into a form.
30 Their height is 7 feet tall. The shape of their eyes are different,
31 They have large black pupils with the white of their eyes and they also have other glands and organs transplanted into them, the color of their skin is green as the greenest of olives.
32 Making them able to adjust to any planet's atmosphere, except those with dying stars.
33 They are called the Eloh's, and as a group they are referred to as Anunnagi. They have 9 ether.
34 When traveling we can incarnate to look like any beings or creatures we choose,
35 As long as we do some brain adjustments and organ adjustments.
36 Then become as llah Mutajassida or Eloh incarnated into flesh; llah.