Saturday, April 20, 2013

Etymology of the word Moor.

Here's a DEFINITE root for the word MOOR (MWR) coming out of ancient Egypt. [MERA]
Source: E.A. Wallis Budge Hieroglyphic dictionary pg. 315


Brilliantly Beastly said...

That is Greeks/Whites identifying that.
Not Blacks/Indigenous People of Kemet/Egypt.

It clearly refers you to Greek language with the Gr.

Remember that Kemet/Egpyt had intermediate periods where the indigenous or original people were not in charge.

If you check this had to be one of those times with Greek reference in plain sight.

Nuwaubian Hotep said...


The Greek form listed at the bottom is an extended root, It's not an ethnic qualifier to the region of Afro-Asiatic languages that were heavily morphed with each other. It's only indicating the path the word took and where it eventually ended up.

In addition, "Mera" is the Noun to Ta (Land) - Mera or Tamerry as Dr. Ben taught: The original name of the land.

Finally, the Greeks used the term "Aígyptos" of which later became Egypt.


Unknown said...

Nebuwah Hutip your etymology and literary and historical references are not correct.
Mera is not a noun to Ta.

There is no real thing as Afr0-Asiatic language (Semitic), which is an ethnic and used racial identifier.

but I respect and love your effort.