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The Prophecy of 


Also known as Dr. Malachi Z. York
and affectionately  known as
  The " Master Teacher".

The following is excerpted "Man From Planet Rizq" (pg.36-37)

"Ques: What Is A Vortex?

Ans: According To The Definition It Is: "A Whirling Mass Of Water That Sucks Everything Down In The Center; A Violent Whirl Of Air, Cyclone." Taken From The Thorndike Barnhart Advance Dictionary, Page 1141. Since We Are Dealing With Time And Not Water It Would Pertain To Air
Or Space, But The Same Principle Applies With A Tunnel Instead Of A Whirlpool. 

This Is An Illustration Of The Vortex That Opens Every 10 Years Since 1943 A.D.

What was Once 60 Minutes Is Now 15 Minutes. Your Time Is Deceiving You And Has Been Literally Shortened Since 1940 A.D.  Every Year It Makes A New Opening In The Vortex And Different Beings Are Coming In And Out.  There Are More Chances Now, Than Ever Before Of You Being Snatched Left And Right You Can Get Caught In Time.  Your Going Though A Time Continuum

Ques: What is Time Continuum?

Ans: The Best Way To Try And Explain A Time Continuum Is If I Said To You, Do You Remember Your Birthday?  You'll Say Yes.  Do You Remember These Tings You Did?  You'll Say Yes.  The Fact That You Can Keep Referring To The Day In Your Mind To The Point Where You "Locked In On It", Makes That Day Continue On For As Long AS You Remember it, So IN A Sense It Never Ends.  This Is What Happens With A Vortex And Principles Of Time. 

"Now" Is An Actual Even That began In The Midst Of The Created Nothingness Of Your Time Zone.  You See We Had To Create A State That You Call Nothingness Or Void And Emptiness.  In Order To Create Something In It.  At That Very Point is "Now".  It Does Not Refer Simply To Living In the Present.  Although That is Strongly Recommended, A Time Warp Is Truly Occurring And Will Continue To Accelerate Until "Now" Is Fully Reached, And The Dimensions Can Finally Interface, Nothingness And Something Or The Tick, Which Is Something, And the Space Between The "Tick" And "Tock", Which Is Nothing To You, Become One Again Much Like A Ship Landing In A Spaceport At A Predetermined Time And Moment.

Now There Is More "Now" Then There Was A Few Months Ago, And Even More "Now" On The Way Right Up To The Year 2003 A.D.  Your Time Warp Started In 1940 A.D. With The Philadelphia Incident Which Will Be Explained Late, Because They Did Not Have A Computer They Needed 3 Years To Create One on August 12, 1943 A.D. Called The Rainbow Project.  This Experiment Is What Caused A Vortex To Open Up Causing Extraterrestrials To Come Into This Dimension Because Of This
Magnetic Pull From The Big Generators That Supplied The Energy For the Invisibility Project In

The Vortex Can Be Opened Buy Extra Terrestrials From The Sixth Density From Their Time Reference.  Once Such Incident Occurred on June 6, 1966 A.D. Which Was The Birth date of 13 Sons Who Were Born To "The Devil", All Types of Malevolent Beings Came Through To Earth
During This Time.  (Refer To Leviathan 666 Edition #15)

Prophecy fulfilled?

The Northeast Blackout of 2003 was a widespread power outage that occurred throughout parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Ontario, Canada on Thursday, August 14, 2003, at approximately 4:11 p.m. EDT (UTC−04). At the time, it was the second most widespread blackout in history, after the 1999 Southern Brazil
blackout. The blackout affected an estimated 10 million people in Ontario and 45 million people in eight U.S. states.


The 2003 London blackout
was a serious power outage that occurred in parts of southern London and north-west Kent on 28 August 2003. It was the largest blackout in South East England since the Great Storm of 1987, affecting an estimated 500,000 people.


Questions to ask...

Did the Shams come?
What does the Shams have do with regional electric blackouts? 

List of Blackouts in 2003

On July 22, a severe wind storm knocked out power to over 300,000 customers in the Memphis, Tennessee metropolitan area.

On August 14, a wide-area power failure in the northeastern USA and central Canada (Northeast Blackout of 2003) affected over 55 million people.

On August 23, power was lost for up to an hour in Helsinki affecting half a million people.

There was a major blackout in London on August 28 which made worldwide headlines such as "Power cut cripples London" but in fact only affected 500,000 people.

On September 2, the 2003 southern Malaysia blackout resulted when a power failure affected 5 states (out of 13) in Malaysia, including the capital Kuala Lumpur, for 5 hours starting at 10 am local time. 

On September 5, a power outage left at least 3 million Mexicans in the southern Yucatán Peninsula without electricity.

On September 19, Hurricane Isabel knocked out electricity for 4.3 million people across nine US states and parts of Ontario, Canada.

On September 23, a power failure affected 5 million people in east Denmark and southern Sweden.

On 27 to 28 September, the 2003 Italy blackout resulted from a power failure that affected all of Italy except Sardinia, cutting service to more than 56 million people.