Saturday, August 22, 2009

Should we fight our enemy with threats of violence?

Holy Tabs Chat 10 Tab 10:16-38

16 "To know" gives one confidence, but belief infers doubt.
17 Knowledge can be checked out by 1 or more of 3 tests:
18 Experience, evidence, reason,
19 Knowledge is always logical and it reasons out.
20 The first step to Nuwaubu is right knowledge which will pass anyone of the three tests,
21 That is practical for knowledge given.
22 One cannot always use the experience test, because the experience test is not practical for all knowledge.
23 The evidence and reason tests are those tests which are more often practical.
24 Yet, Nuwaubu is the science of experience, evidence, and reason,
25 Because nine ether is the power of reason.
26 Nine ether forces first visit the minds of their posterity (descendants),
27 Because they know that nothing can be done right unless the mind is right.
28 The mind cannot be right, unless it has accepted right knowledge.
30 Six ether and ghost causes Negroes to commit suicide,
31 Because that is just what people are doing,
32 When they run up against the adverse forces with sticks and stones, while their enemy has tanks with machine guns blazing.
33 Six ether and ghost activate people's minds foolishly to provoke their enemy,
34 And their helpers, to shoot them down.
35 So 6 ether and ghost will have innocent blood to subsist of,
36 So that those two spirit forces, 6 ether and ghost, will get stronger in the atmosphere,
37 And maintain enemies, economic strength and religion, and this will prolong their domination.
38 The solution to the racial, economic, moral, spiritual and social problems of people is the elimination by facts of the negative.