Thursday, October 16, 2008

Muhammad, Sharia Law and the Demon AL HADEETH!

Raahubaat Kosmosans...
To get right to the point, of course there is racism and prejudice in Islam. But one who's read the SACRED HOLY TABLETS then realizes that the Muhammad (Sall Alahu Alahi Wa Salaam) that is promoted in the world is actually Musaylimat Ibn Habib (al-Każāb - the Liar) and that the real Qur'aan was composed by the Ansaars of Sudan an AFRICAN PEOPLE.

Chapter 19 Al Khidr Tablet 2 (Murduk) verses: 31-46

31 Unbeknowing to them Shaytaan had given birth to his own prophet Muhammad;

32 A son of a wicked man name Habiyb Al Hanafi.

33 They named this child Musaylimat. He was to undermine all of the unknowing followers of Muhammad. He was to lie and wait in order to deceive them.

34 To get all of them except for Al Mukhlasina, the purified ones,

35 Who would be guided by the successor of Muhammad Al Mahdi of the Sudan,

36 Whose teachings would spread like the sun coming out of the east even unto the west.

37 There you'll find the Mukhlasiyna, the Ansaaru Allah, under Al Mukhlis.

38 Protected from the touch of this worldwide deception called
Muhammadism, whose followers are called Muhammadans, Moslems or Muslims.

39 With its own corrupted set of laws called shariya, laws made by man, not found in the real Al Qur'aan.

40 It would create a system called Fiqh, rules and regulations, and Fatwa, sentences. This shariya is subdivided
into itiqadat, false beliefs, adab, moral immoralities, ibadat, blind devotion, mu'amalat, unfair transactions, uqubat,
barbaric punishments,

41 And lastly the demon, Al Hadith, would become the source of their information,

42 And they would call his text the hadith, their guidance.

43 A man named Musaylimat, son of Habib Al Hanafi, and make note that he was born twenty and two years before

44 Yet his name was Musaylimat, which is just another way of saying Muslim.

45 Waraqa Ibn Naufal, Ibn Asad, Ibn Abdi'l-Uzza, the uncle of Khadijah was his advisor, as they plotted to create their own Koran to deceive the followers of Muhammad,

46 Who were all Nuwaubians.