Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who are the Hyksos?

Ans: The Hyksos Dynasty where light-skinned mixed Arabs and Greeks with straight hair and Syrians Phoenicians who were allowed to invade Egypt after Pharaoh Khufu removed the Immigration laws, why he is held in such great esteem by Europeans and even his face is on the shield of the Shriners, a sacred fraternity of higher degrees in the Freemasonry lodge, whose symbol is a star, crescent, sword and the face of Khufu. All of their teachings was taken from the Egyptian Mysteries and the Moorish Doctrine, put into symbolism, called rites and rituals. These Hyksos invaded and took over Egypt, they were known as “The foreign Kings or Shepherd Kings”. The sun used to burn their faces red, that’s why they were called “burnt faces”.
Thutmose defeated Poppi the ruler of the Hyksos, which were light-skinned Syrians Phoenician Arabs led into the land. Thus, after the Hyksos invasion, Mitsrayim began being referred to as Aigyptos meaning “Land Of the Burnt Faces”.

Excerpted from the El Katub Shil El Mawut (The book of the dead) “Coming Forth by Day” inscribed by Dr. Malachi Z. York H.T.M.


arabisraelites said...


I can find no ancient text in Egypt that identifies any Hyksos.
The whole Egypt/Hyksos thing appears to come from the mythical josephus/manetho stories in which their text does not exist and they did not live until centuries after the Hyksos were supposed to have been driven out.
All innovations attributed to the Hyksos are things in Egypt, with nothing to identify them as things made by any one but Egyptians.

Names of any Hyksos Kings... followed by any ancient papyrus, cuinform or heiroglyphic text they are mentioned in?

If you know of actual text or evidence from ancient Egypt showing any such people were there... fill me in.

Thanks Sam

Nuwaubian Hotep said...

The very term "Hyksos" defines them as not being from ancient KMT. Heqa-Kasut (meaning: Not of this land) In addition there are images in the tomb of Ahmose depicting the Phoenician Hyksos being expelled out of ancient KMT, We also have rings from the Hyksos dynasty with Semitic titles such as such as Yaaqub (Jacob) written upon them.

Anonymous said...

Nuwaubian Hotep, I'm so glad you had the final say in this as only a Nuwaubian can. Wadu.

Unknown said...

Hyksos is written in stone in Egypt. They ARE spoken of but truths like that are intentionally hidden. Dig deeper

arabisraelites said...

Stones, parchments
#1 Make complete list of EVERY bit of ancient text used to identify the hyksos
#2 Produce an actual photo of that text
.. and lets start from there

It has been some years since I looked into it
I placed links to the images... mistake because the pages no longer exist
but here is a bit of my counter arguments


Here is a public group I respond in

Nuwaubian Hotep said...


Scarab with the cartouche of Yaqub-Har

"Only a fool ducks when the truth is thrown at them!" - Dr. York