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Illyuwn: The Highest Place

Thesis composed by Nuwaubian Hotep
Updated 1-30-08

Raahubaat Kosmosans,

Some have stated in Nuwaubian newsgroup debates that the term Illyuwn from El's Holy Qur'aan describes a "book" and not a place as the Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z. York has taught. However, upon closer examination of the transliteration we find that the Illyuwn is the highest place where the book (Kitab) is kept.

Let's examine the Arabic from the verses word for word.

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[Verse 83:18]

Kalla (Surely) inna (Indeed) kitaba (The Book of) al-abrari (The Righetous) lafee (will be in) AAilliyyeena (The High Place).
Aya 18 states that The Book of the Righteous will be in The High Place.

[Verse 83:19]

Wama (And What ) adraka (will explain) ma (Is) AAilliyyoona (The High Place)?
Aya 19, the suffix changes because a question is being asked but in reality, illiyuwn and illiyin is the same word.

[Verse 83:20]

Kitabun (a Book) marqoomun (One writes in) .
Aya 20, it states that Illiyuwn is also a Book.

So, clearly we see here that Illyuwn is indeed a PLACE where a book (Kitab) is kept.

Arabic Alphabet

Now, let's examine it's proper use in Quraanic scripture as translated by our Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z. York:

Al Mutaffiffiyn (The Cheaters)
Original Order: Chapter 86
Wrong Order: Chapter 83

86:18 Nevertheless, the scriptural [ledger] of Al Abraar, The Righteous, is in Illiyyiyn, The Highest Places, [where the records of agreeableness are kept in the 19th Galaxy].
86:19 And by what means are you able to perceive what Illiyuwn is?
86:20 It is a Kitaab, Scripture Marquwn, Marked With Numbers/Time.

Is It Witnessed By The Qaraabeem - The Righteous Will Be In Paradise - Looking Down From Exalted Couches - Happy, And Provided With Rahiyq - It Will Be Mixed With Sweet Scents Of Tasniym - A Spring Where All The Anunnaqi Who Are Near, Are Allowed To Drink - Guilty Ones Laughed And Winked At The Faithful.

The key to knowing that the term Illyuwn is the high place or Highest Place and not just a book comes from the earlier Quraanic scripture 86:7-8 which reads as follows:

86:7 Regardless, verily, the scriptural ledger of the boaster is kept in sijjin;
86:8 And what shall make you perceive what sijjin is?
86:20 It is a Kitaab, Scripture Marquwn, Marked With Numbers.

The Naas - All Naas Will Be Standing Before The Rabb Of The Known Worlds, On That Supreme Day -The Scriptual Ledger Of The Wicked Is Kept In Sijjiyn - Is Is A Scripture Marked With Numbers.

Sijjin of course being the opposite of Illyuwn. "Lowest Place - Highest Place"

More evidence that Illiyyiiyn is not merely a book comes from the examination of the root which comes from the 36th attribute of Allah: Al Aliyu "The Exalted", from the root word Aliy meaning "high, tall, elevated, sublime, lofty". It is used as the title of the 87th Suwratul named Al Alaa (The Most High) that starts by saying "Sabih isma rabbika al 'alaa" ("Glorify the name of thy guardian the Most High")

So, to summarize Illyuwn is not just a Kitaab (book or record) but also a reference point to the Most High and beyond our complete overstanding.

Finally, in the introduction of The Sacred Records of Atum-Re the Master Teacher teaches us that the tri-solar system Illyuwn resides past the Orion constellation and it's bright star Sahu
Text image excerpted from the introduction of The Sacred Records of Atum-Re (aka The Black Book)
Wadu wa Hotep
Nuwaubian Hotep

Quranic translation by The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Zodoq York-El
Parts of this work were excerpted from "What is Spirit & Soul?" and "El's Holy Qur'aan"

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