Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Wrong Time


Excerpted from The Science Of The
Pyramids Scroll #191

Archaeologist Don't Have Any Idea What Time Period Our Ancestors Existed And Built The Pyramids And Monuments.  All The Dates Are Wrong Or Are Approximates, Simply Because They Just Don't Know.  They Are Going Buy Ancient Historians, And There's Nothing Wrong With That, However Somewhere Between Ancient Times And Now Time Got Messed Up, You Are Now Living By Wrong Time.  They Have Subtracted Whole Dynasties And Pharaohs.  And Then On Top Of That, Historians Have Interpret And Changed What Has Been Recorded,  They Have Picked What They Want To Be Publicized Or Not.  We, As Nuwaubian Moors Won't Depend On His Wrong Knowledge And Time Any Longer.

Ques:  What Do You Mean By Wrong Time?

Ans:  Time Has Been Shifted Around And Play With it.  One Minute It's "Save" Time And Time Is Pushed Ahead, And Then You Lost Time, By Setting It Back, You Have "Leap" Years, And Rounding The Hours Off, And You're Even Introduced To New Calendars With Holidays Being Switched, Depending On Which Religion Or Organization You Belong To.  So That You Don't Really Know What Time It Is.  To Right The Wrong.  I, Chief Or Maku-Nayya Malachizodoq York-El Will Soon Be Introducing Our Own Nuwaubian Calendar, With The Correct Time And Holidays Without All Of The Distractions And Alterations.  By Playing Around With Your Past And Writing It As They Wants It To Be, Historians, Archeologist And Whomever Else Have Been Keeping The Truth Or Facts Away From You.  They Have It Written As Egyptian History Began With Pharaoh Menes, The First Egyptian Pharaoh, Of The First So-Called First
Dynasty.  They Never Mentioned That Right Before Menes There Was A Period
Of Disunificaiton, Where There Were Many Pharaohs At A Time, Ruling From Their
Own Sepats Of Nomes At The Same Time.  Pharaoh Menes Or Narmer United
Both Upper And Lower Egypt Into One Nation Menes Was A Thinite A Native of
Thinis Or Abydos Who Reigned For Sixty-Two Years, During The First So-Called

Each Pharaoh Was Characterized By Something Great That He Accomplished.  Quite A Few Of Them Caused Al Kham, Egypt To Flourish And Grow Magnificently.  Therefore, This Scroll Records The Region Of Each Pharaoh According To It's Own Merits.  In Addition, Refer To (Ancient Egypt And The Pharaohs Scroll #190") Throughout Our Moorish Egyptian History The Periods In Which The Country Was Strongest Were Those In Which The Ruler Was Strong, Wise, And Controlling The Activities Of The People Who Ruled Under Him Or Her.
The Physical Nature Of Egypt, A Land That Stretches For 500 Miles (800 Kilometers) Had Length, But Barely Any Width, Which In Turn Made Id Difficult To Rule, Even Under The Most Favorable
Conditions.  A King Who Appointed Control In The Department To Power-Hungry, Disloyal Local Officials Would Find It Hard To Rule With Confidence And Peace.  The Luxury Of The Reigns Of Some Pharaohs Was Expressed In Their Pyramids And The Splendor Of Their Palaces.  Once Of The Best Thing That Came Out Of The Epoch Was The Increase In Trade With Foreign Lands.  Egypt's Accumulation Wealth Was Spent Abroad.

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