Friday, September 12, 2008

Who Are The Black Israelites?

Excerpted from 360 Questions to ask a Hebrew Israelite Pt.2 of 4. Scroll #101

So Now One Must Ask: "Who Are The Black Israelites?" By Now It Should Be Obvious To You That They Are Not Of The Original Tribe Of Israel; They Perished! They Are Not The Falasha Or The Danakiyl Remnant Of The Tribe Of Judah In The Ethiopian Mountains; They Were Recently Exterminated And Prior To That They Didn't Come Out Of The Mountains. Therefore, So-Called Black Israelites Or Hebrews Must Have Adopted This Religion Somewhere Along The Way. True, The Sephardic Are Spanish Or Portuguese Are The So-Called Jews And Their Descendants. The Other Major Class Of So-Called Jew, Are Ashkenazim Or Khazar, Who Are The European Jews, Are Generally Yiddish-Speaking. Black Israelites, So-Called Jews, Are Not Even Considered As Part Of The Major Classes Of Jews. Hebrews Are Said To Be Syrians And Other So-Called Semitic People, As Opposed To The Khazar Who Are Of Caucasian Descent. These So Called Israelite Sects Can Be Found All Around The Globe In Yemen, Syria, Portugal, Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Spain, Ethiopia (Excluding The Falashans), India, Egypt, Morocco, The West Indies And North America - Throughout The East And The West. They Believe They Are Descendants Of The Israelites Of The Bible Because Their Grandparents Never Told Them The Truth About How They Converted To Judaism In Russia During The 19th Century, As The Chosen Of Yahuwa Eloheem Who Are Destined To Enter The New Jerusalem Spoken Of In Revelations. Hebrew Israelites Claim To Follow The Laws Of The Torah.

There Are Thousands Of Black Hebrew Communities In The United States Alone. They Began Springing Up In America In The Early 1900's Under Several Names. The Hebrew Of Chicago Are One Such Community Who Profess To Live According To The Torah. They Are Complete Vegetarians (The Israelites Were Not Vegetarians), Do Not Smoke, Drink Alcohol Or Use Drugs. They Immigrated To Liberia In 1967 A.D. With The Intention Of Enduring A Period Of Preparation In The Wilderness Of Liberia Before Entering The Holy Land Which Is Now The State Of Israel. In 1969 A.D., They Entered The State Of Israel. Originally They Were Recognized As Returning Jews And Received The Automatic Benefits Given To New Immigrants, Which Were Access To Subsidized Housing, Public Education And Government Health Care Facilities. After This, The Chief Rabbinate, The Religious Authority, Ordered The Black Israelites To Convert To Judaism According To "Halacha", Which Is A System Of European Jewish Beliefs. The Israelite Hebrews Refused And Ever Since Then The So-Called Israelis Have Been Trying To Evict Them. They Were Severely Discriminated Against And Forced To Live In An Area Called Dimonoa, In Poverty. In 1971 A.D., When 18 More Hebrew Israelites Wanted To Enter The So-Called Jewish State, They Were Refused Entrance.

Many Of Those Hebrew Israelites Who Stood Up For Their Rights Were Deported. When World-Wide Attention Was Brought To This Situation, The Israelis Offered The Hebrew Israelites Thirty Pieces Of Silver, And Are Said To Have Told Them That If They Would Appear On Television In Support Of The Israeli Government, They Would Be Given Equal Opportunity And Legal Residential Status. The Hebrew Israelites Refused To Accept This Bribe And Were Persecuted Even More By The So-Called Jews. Work Permits Are Not Given To Them, Making Them Unable To Provide Necessities Such As Food. The Hebrew Israelites Must Now Depend On Aid From Relatives And Members Of Their Other Communities Remaining Outside Of Israel. Yet, Even In This Hostile Atmosphere, The Israelite Hebrews Had Grown. Not Only Are They Persecuted In Israel, They Are Also Suffering In America. Even In Their Homes, Meeting Places And Work Sites, They Were Raided And Arrested.

It Was Foolish Of Their Leader, Ben Ammi Carter, To Take His People Into Hostile Israel Without Knowledge Of Exactly What They Were Going To Do Once They Got There. They Should Have Known Where They Were Going To Live, How They Were Going To Provide For Their Families And Their Relationship To The So-Called Jews. They Took Their Sheep Into The Lion's Den And Are Now Suffering The Consequences.

Another Black Hebrew Sect Who Were Recently In The News Are The Black Israelite Hebrews Headed By Yahweh Ben Yahweh. They Believe That Yahweh Ben Yahweh Is The Son Of Yahweh The Messiah Who Is To Return To The Israelites In The Last Day To Redeem Them And That Their History And Culture Is Hebrew. However The Original Hebrews Don't Believe That Jesus Christ Of 2,000 Years Ago Was Any Kind Of Messiah. So HE CAN'T RETURN IF HE WAS NEVER HERE. The Original Hebrews Are Still Looking For Him To Come For The First Time. The Land Of Israel Is Considered Their Land In Accordance With Ezekiel 39:25-29. Although Many Black Hebrew Organizations Are Sincere In Their Actions, They Still Experience Many Problems Because They Are Trying To Be A Nation Who They Are Not.

"Yahweh Ben Yahweh" Followers Have Their Bases In Florida, Although They Have Communities In Several Cities Of The United States. They Have Been Misled By Their Leader Yahweh Ben Yahweh. He Is Not The Physical Son Of The Creator. You Cannot Be The Original Israelites In This Day And Time.