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Who are the Annunaqi Eloheem?

Who are the Annunaqi Eloheem?

Ancient pictograph of the Annunaqi Eloheem Atum Ra

Answer: The Annunaqi Eloheem are a race of beings created of pure green light and impure amber light before the foundation of this world. It was on the forth plane, the plane of “ultimate will, or the mental plane” that the division between the so-called good and so-called evil was established. As the supreme beings, the Annunaqi Eloheem skin was olive tone green to dark reddish brown. They are the race of supreme beings not spooks, ghosts, or apparitions. Annunaqi is just another name for Rizqiyians meaning “providers”. The Annunaqi are those beings that And, the most high sent down from heaven to earth in sets of 50’s while on the planet earth under an appointed being. They receive the name Annunaqi when they came to earth.

The most high Elyown Elyown El illuminated the light of Murduk, son of Damkina and Enqi. Murduk, who is also known Al Khidr, meaning “the green one”, who is the highest of all the Eloheem, Annunaqi, or angels. The deity Murduk is equivalent to Amun Ra, (Atum Ra) in Egyptian sciences. He is of the green essence, with the splendor of beauty. That essence became divided into two parts. One was extremely pure and luminous, to the vision of the intellect, which came the noble and superior individuals, the soul of the prophets, Apostles, Al Mahdi, The Messiah, and the people of the right hand. Whereas the other appeared, impure and amber, and the second part was called “fire” from which came jaan, the father of the jinn, a race of evil Eloheem, Cherubeems.

(Refer to the Holy Tablets, Chapter one).

Excerpted from The Science of the Pyramid Scroll #191 Authored by Nayya: Malachizodok York-El For the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors

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