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Which entity existed 1st: Amun or Yahweh?

Which entity existed 1st: Amun or Yahweh?

The following passage is excerpted from scroll “Jesus Found in Egipt” pg 351. Authored by Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York 33° for the Ancient Egiptian Order.

Ques: Are you saying that Amun existed before the Hebrew god YHWH?

Ans: The Supreme Being Amun existed thousands of years in ancient Egipt before the creation of the Hebrew god YHWH (). As Revelation 1:15 states, Amun was there to witness the creation of the Eloheem and the Eloheem () according to Genesis 1:1, 1:26, was there to witness the creation of a man – Adam ().

The Hebrew uses the name Amun aw-man’ for “faithful” just like the Arabic uses amiyn for “faithful”, but this word with the definite article THE AMEN is from the Egiptian supreme being, “one of the god-head trinity” Amun-Ra, or Re, with Atum-Ra, or “Re” and Atun-Ra or “Re” for the three motions involvements of the most high Egiptian supreme being “Re”. Morning (Dabar “Wisdom”) noon (Oz “Strength”), and night (Gomer “Beauty”) which comes out in a symbolic way to equivalent G.O.D from three Hebrew words Gomer (), Oz () and Dabar (). The original Egyptian trinity of life the all eye seeing, thousand points of light. The source of light and life in this world or John 1, and the “life was the light of men”, symbolic of the light of the sun manifesting on earth to sustain life, linked to John 1 verse 14, “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,” (And  the Word logos> was made <ginomai> flesh <sarx> and <kai> dwelt <skenoo> among <en> us <hemin>,…)
which relates to the prophecy of Malachi 4:2, the last book of the Old Testament before the light as the logos (is manifested in the flesh as Yashu’a Ha-Mashiakh  , translated as “Jesus The Anointed”. In Malachi 4:2 you find the word “Sun” shemesh in Hebrew is used as “But unto you that fear thy name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings” (But unto you that fear    my name    shall the Sun    of righteousness   > arise    with healing    in his wings   This is Egiptian symbol of the sun disk with wings

The Greek word as found the new testament for Zodok tsedeq   “justice, rightness, righteousness” Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled”(Blessed  are they which > do hunger  and  thirst    after righteousness : for  they  shall be filled .) and the Greek word for righteousness is dis-ah-yos-oo’-nay meaning “equity (of character or act); specially (Christian) justification:--righteousness” from the root dik-ah-yos meaning “innocent, holy ( absolutely or relatively):--just, meet, right (eous).”

So when he speaks about God in Genesis 4:26 as “And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD” (And to Seth , to him  also there was born a> a son ; and he called   his name   Enos <'Enowsh>: then began men   to call  upon the name  of the LORD   ,) this god is none other than Yahweh of the Eloheem, one of the Eloheem, which is confirmed in Joshua 22: 22 where Yahweh is mentioned as an EL of the Eloheem , and it reads “The LORD God of gods, the LORD God of gods, he knoweth,” (The LORD    God <'el> of gods   <'elohiym>, the LORD  God   <'el> of gods <'elohiym>, he knoweth   ,). Therefore when Abraham in Genesis 12:8 “…called upon the name of the LORD” (…called    upon the name    of the LORD   ) he is making reference to the Hebrew God who was created according to Revelation 3:14, confirming the fact that the Egiptian supreme Amun existed thousands of years before the Hebrew God. And make note that the Greek word for God Thehos () is equivalent to Eloheem () “GOD” and Kurios () is equivalent to Yahweh () “Lord”.

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