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Come Forward My Dear Children To See Allah With Your Wisdom

Chapter Eight - El Zera Shil Nakhash

(The Seed Of Nakhash)


Tablet Ten

Come Forward My Dear Children To

See Allah With Your Wisdom



Lo! Children, children - overstand and come up. Children, children - overstand and rise up. Climb on your wisdom and come up.

2 Realize in your heart that which is in you and me.  Realize A'LYUN A'LYUN EL in your heart.  Realize with wisdom that light and grace.  Embrace A'LYUN A'LYUN EL with the love of your heart.

3 The Aum-present will come; and he will come and give joy. Thinking of this, you should stretch out your hands to A'LYUN A'LYUN EL.

4 You should realize that which is within your heart.  Have trust in A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, and then you will overstand both agreeable, and disagreeable.  That state will become clear within you.

5 It appears as light within the green light, within the eye.  It opens your heart. You will see the One Perfection who is the Origin. You will see that limitless existence is here, and that will not be known to all.

6 That existence exists all alone.  If wisdom, which is completeness, is opened, you will see that intellect that is within.  This is also the House of A'LYUN  A'LYUN  EL, ANU, The Most High.

7 The means are there, completeness is there. See that A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, who is beyond all your description, and look at the place that is within yourselves.

8 He is love within love, The Merciful One. That Allahu Al Aliyu, that original being that shines in the heart. Only that original being exists as completion.

9 You will see all the wonders. You will see the brilliance of the green light which spreads out as a ray. You will know yourself and you will see me, Murduk.

10 Look penetratingly a little.  Look within, look hard! Open your heart and look within, and there you will see the truth which is eminent in the heart, that Divine Gem, That green light of true wisdom.

11 There you will see me and you, and the entire world.

12 O Aum-presence, who know before I think about it.

13 O Aum-presence, who knows before I think about it,

14 O Aum-presence, O Aum-presence,

15 O you, who became the character within the character, and the qualities within the qualities.

16 O you, who becomes the character within the character, who stands on the path of the characteristics.

17 O you, who, is permanently imbued with beauty, speaks the perfect bliss.

18 O you, permanently steeped with beauty, and speaking the bliss.

19 O grace! O the Source! O grace, O ANU; O El Maluk made in Hadus

Ashug, "divine love:"

20 Like the reflection of the reflection,

21 Like the memory within the memory,

22 Like the light within memory, like the light within wisdom,

23 O you, the A'LYUN A'LYUN EL of love.  O A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, who rules us as the thought before

25 O ANU, who stands so and knows,

26 As the essence, even as before essence arises,

27 O ANU, who stands and knows; within wisdom and all the beauty of all love and all compassion – are you, the source,

28 O, the bee that is a lamp indeed honey;

29 O A'LYUN A'LYUN must indeed come to my heart.

30 O my dear ANU, you must; come to my heart.

31 You must stay within my inner self and cut away all states of hypnosis.

32 O ANU, who changes my thinking,

33 O Aum-presence, you must indeed come.

34 O Aum-presence, O Aum-presence, you must indeed come.

35 You must come as thought within thought.

36 O Ruler, you will come and cut away the thought, that is within thought.

37 The dream that is within the dream and you will shed your grace.

38 O Ruler, you will grace us with your presence.

39 O the one, who is most expanded in your perfection,

40 O loving ANU, your presence is needed.

41 O the able one,.

42 You will come and grace us with your presence.

43 O ANU, who is forever and for all time, at any place is there a beauty like you or a happiness like you?

44 May you come and grace us.

45 May you exist as the world, and as the mind, and as the self.

46 O the Yahuwa of the Aluhum, who pardons all mistakes,

47 May you please grace us with your presence.

48 O ANU, O ANU, O ANU, who is the expanded state of perfection.

49 O ANU, may you come and grace us with your presence, and provide us with the wisdom.

50 Which notices the world, the mind and the thought, the two sections of this world, and the next state.

51 May you cut away the evil of happiness, and provide us with the word, the words of wisdom.

52 The grace of the word of wisdom, and the words of wisdom.

53 At this time, will you come and grace us with your presence?

54 O A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, O A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, O A'LYUN A'l.YUN EL who is everywhere,

55 O the able one who always has the resonance of ANU,

56 O the good one, O ANU who exists with me through the day, and through time and explains justice,

57 May you come and grace us with your presence.

58 O A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, who is within and without,

59 You are a good conductor of worship and prayer.

60 O ANU, the most beneficent, and  the good within all good things,

61 O the one of great good qualities, who overstand the laws and the justice-may you come within love, and grace us with your presence.

62 O ANU, O ANU.

63 O the Aum-presence which exists at all times.

64 May you provide us with your grace, may you be the gift.

65 May you be the grace forever, O ANU.

66 Existing within the most expanded resonance of Amuwn, Amuwn, and providing the gentile with the overstandable words.

67 O Yahuwa of the Aluhum, may you provide that perfection,

68 May you live within their hearts, and provide the assistance of grace.


70 O the wonder which is complete over all the universe, O Amuwn who is complete over all the universes.

71 For all time, it is You. You are the one who is the Yahuwa of the Aluhum

for all things. The entirety is you alone.

72 The source that is most complete, O ANU, O Yaa Rab shil El Amun, your beauty is that by which all days are good days, without the lifetime being destroyed, and being the right and the left.

73 You are the three times, and everything is in your grace, within the self, beyond the thoughts of illusion and the Earth, with hypnosis you have been chased, having run away, beyond the darkness.

74 You, O ANU, come and stand close by. O ANU, who is the source for all three times.

75 For the first one, the primal one, O green light that is ahead. O green light that mingles within the self,

76 O green light of the self. O the being the one who is alone, O the being, the wisdom that is beyond attachment.

77  and the Earth's  and  beyond them will you come and grace us with your presence.

78 Within the Kesay "throne" and the A'rush, "seat" and the Qalaam, "quill,"

79 O ANU, who exists as the form of grace.

80 The grace of the consciousness of faith, certitude, conviction, being the "form" that is the self within the self,

81 Being the formed, yet the formlessness that executes, being the explanation that is a quark within the atom.

82 O ANU, O ANU, O the most expanded state of perfection,

83 O the complete treasure, O the grace that has no limitations.

84 O ANU, you must come; you must grace us with your presence. May you come here and look and see.

85 O ANU, O ANU, O the one who shines, may you come and rule us with your presence, your grace.

86 O that thing which has become the one within, and without, and in the writing.

87 O the one who exists as the body within the body, O the youthful one,

88 O ANU, O treasure of truth, may you come and grace us with your presence.

89 May you grace the state of the heart, blending with the body.

90 May you exist within my heart. O ANU, sustainer of the universe;

91 There is the Earth, the fire, and the water,

92 And the ether, and the air which hypnotizes, and brings about trances.

93 In the world, existing as the body,

94 These things and all these acts, are performed without truth in them.

95 O ANU, may you come and grace us with your presence, by introducing wisdom within us;

96 So that the hypnosis of the Earth and fire may leave.

97 ANU you are The Most High, you are the treasure of the great prayer, the great mediation.

98 We need the grace of your resonance.

99 O Most loving one, we need the resonance of your benediction, and your kindness.

100 Your kindness is needed.

101 Your grace is needed as the good day.

102 And we need the path to go beyond this day,

103 And beyond this time.

104 We need to achieve you,

105 We need to reach you.

106 O Al Ansaar, may you come and, grace us with your existence,

107 So that we may know what is pure and go beyond the five elements.

108 Which are: air, water, earth wind, fire exist in the world of your grace.

109 To grow within the "form" of the green light,

110 And to achieve the quality of that exalted state,

111 To exist and to live within your love, and to mingle with you, may you provide us with this grace.

112 O ANU, Yaa ANU, Yaa ANU, the resonance of Eluh;

113 All the resonance that resonates within Eluh in the resonance of The Sustainer,

114 You are the One who sees the rays, who sees the quarks and everything, and enjoys them Yaa ANU, who is who he is.



Excerpted from The Holy Tablets and authored by the Supreme Grand Hierophant: Amun Nebu Ra Akh Tah

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